Undake 30 Same Game
Super NES
Game info
System: Super NES
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Undake 30 Same Game screen shot
Release info
[Japan] Undake 30 Same Game
Date: ??/??/1995  

How to play: The entire playing field is a 16×12 rectangle composed of a random arrangement of Mario heads, Coins, Eggs, Fire Flowers, and Mushrooms. When you're playing, the screen shows only a 10×8 square (80 items) at a time, but you can move around using the Control Pad. Items can only be cleared when two or more of the same item are connected, either horizontally or vertically. Use the Control Pad to move the Mario hand cursor to the group of items you want to clear, then press A twice. Viola! That group clears out, and the items that were above it drop down to fill in the gap. If you succeed in clearing out an entire column, all the items to the right shift over to connect the sides. If you make a mistake, pressing X will take back one move at a time. The game keeps track of every move, so you can backtrack all the way your first move if you so desire. Because of the size of the board, careful planning and extremely keen foresight are needed to clear every item.

Menus: At the title screen, press Left or Right to turn on/off the BGM (background music). Press START, and you'll see a zoomed-out board with all 192 items. Press SELECT to change the board, and START to start working on the board shown.

During gameplay, pressing R brings up a menu. The first option takes you back to the board select screen. The second option retries the current board. The third takes you back to the title screen. Press B to cancel the menu.

When your game is over, the menu that appears has the same options as the menu that pops up when you press R during gameplay.

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