Ultra Box No. 4
PC Engine [CD-ROM²]
Game info
System: PC Engine [CD-ROM²]
Genre: Electronic magazine/catalog/demo disc
Developer: Victor, Fun Project, Inc.
Publisher: Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
Ultra Box No. 4 screen shot
Release info
[Japan] Ultra Box 4 号
(Ultra Box 4 Gō)
Date: 5/1991 Catalog #: JCCD1604  
Cameo appearances and references

Mario, Peach, and Yoshi appear in the "Gag Land" section.

  • "Ma(circle)o" - part 1 part 2
    Characters resembling Mario, Peach, and Yoshi appear in this comic.
  • "Jinmen" - part 1 part 2
    A cat wearing an "M" cap here is a possible Mario reference.

The "Art" section has a drawing of Mario holding a CoreGrafx. The top reads "Advertisement Review" and Mario says "Buy".

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