Virtual Boy Wario Land
Virtual Boy
Game info
System: Virtual Boy
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Nintendo RD1
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: Battery
Memory size: 16 megabits
SRAM size: 0 megabits
Series: Wario Land
Virtual Boy Wario Land screen shot
Release info
[USA] Virtual Boy Wario Land
Date: 11/1995 ESRB: K-A Catalog #: VUE-VWCE-USA  
[Japan] バーチャルボーイワリオランドアワゾンの秘宝
(Virtual Boy Wario Land: Awazon no Hihō)
Date: 12/1/1995 Catalog #: VUE-VWCJ-JPN  

While relaxing in the Awazon river basin, Wario stumbles upon treasure hidden in the back of a cave. But before he can claim it, Wario falls deeper underground, where he finds many unfriendly creatures. Luckily for Wario, he can grab new power-ups to help him beat the bad guys and find all the treasure.

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    Did you know...?
    • VBWL's working title was Wario Cruise, hence the "WC" in its serial number.
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