Wario Land 4
Game Boy Advance
Game info
System: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Nintendo RD1
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: Battery; 2 slots
Memory size: 64 megabits
SRAM size: 0.5 megabits
Series: Wario Land
Wario Land 4 screen shot
Release info
[USA] Wario Land 4
Date: 11/19/2001 ESRB: E Catalog #: AGB-AWAE-USA  
[Japan] ワリオランドアドバンス ヨーキのお宝
(Wario Land Advance: Yōki no Otakara)
Date: 8/21/2001 Catalog #: AGB-AWAJ-JPN  
[Europe] Wario Land 4
Date: 11/16/2001 PEGI: 3+ Catalog #: AGB-AWAP-EUR  
[Australia] Wario Land 4
Date: ACB: G  
[China] 瓦力欧寻宝记
Date: 6/??/2004  

Wario's back, and greedier than ever! In his fourth Wario Land adventure, Wario heads off to plunder a recently discovered pyramid. Of course, Wario's going to have to earn his fortune, as the pyramid is teeming with bad guys.

Almost scrapping the "no-die" gameplay used in Wario Land 2 and 3, Wario still has unlimited lives, but he now has a life meter. Below the life meter (the eight hearts in the upper-left of the screen) is a "coin meter" comprised of eight bars. Collecting a red coin from a defeated enemy fills up one bar. When the coin meter is completely filled, one empty heart in Wario's life meter will be replenished.

The graphics fit in perfectly with the Wario Land series, and the gameplay is as addictive as ever. I was not expecting better than the excellent Wario Land 3, but somehow Nintendo managed to improve on it.


Medamayaki (Palm Tree Paradise background music)

Hello there!
Ukurere mitaina
Tabiwo shiyo
Aruite iko tsukino
Kakerawo hiroinagara
Chizuno kawarini kyanbasu
Nijino shizukude
Hinodeni maniauyoni
Boyaketa tokeiwa oiteko
Umini tameiki tokashite
Ishini koewo kizamo
Tsukiwo supuni ukabetara
Hyougarano kumoga warau

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