You Don't Know Jack
Personal Computer
Game info
System: Personal Computer
Genre: Trivia
Developer: Jellyvision
Publisher: THQ
Release info
[USA] You Don't Know Jack
Date: 2/8/2011 ESRB: T  
Cameo appearances and references

Question number 9 in episode 10, titled "A Barrel of Donkeys," tests your knowledge of Donkey Kong: "Which element of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong does NOT represent a simple machine?" Answer choices: the stack of barrels; the slanted girder ramps; Jumpman's hammer; Donkey Kong's elevators.

In episode 22's Jack Attack (clue: "Trapped like a Rat"), one of the matching pairs is "Princess Peach" and "Bowser's Castle."

Question number 2 in episode 12 is about Italy. After explaining the answer, Cookie says, "Yes, the Italians brought us some of the greatest historical figures ever known: Mario and Luigi, Chef Boyardee, um, Da Vinci Codes..."

Thanks: Eclipsed Moon
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