Yoshi Touch & Go
Nintendo DS
Game info
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 simultaneous
Save: Yes
Memory size: 16MB
SRAM size: 0.5KB
Yoshi Touch & Go screen shot
Release info
[USA] Yoshi Touch & Go
Date: 3/14/2005 ESRB: E Catalog #: NTR-AYIE-USA  
[Japan] キャッチ!タッチ!ヨッシー!
(Catch! Touch! Yoshi!)
Date: 1/27/2005 CERO: All ages Catalog #: NTR-AYIJ-JPN  
[Europe] Yoshi Touch & Go
Date: 5/6/2005 PEGI: 3+ Catalog #: NTR-AYIP-EUR  
[Australia] Yoshi Touch & Go
Date: 5/26/2005 ACB: G  
[China] 摸摸耀西-云中漫步

Like in Yoshi's Island, Yoshi carries Baby Mario while blazing through hundreds of enemies with his eggs and tongue. This time, you'll use the Nintendo DS stylus to throw eggs, draw lines of clouds, and encircle enemies to give Yoshi and Baby Mario a safe path through Yoshi's Island.

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