Mario Artist series

System: 64DD
Genre: Creativity
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release dates: 12/01/1999 - 08/29/2000 (Japan only)
ESRB rating: N/A
Players: ?
Save: Yes
Memory size: Various
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The Mario Artist series makes up most of the game library of the ill-fated 64DD. The 64DD, released only in Japan, is a huge disk drive that attaches to the bottom of the Nintendo 64.

All the games in the Mario Artist series had working titles of "—— Maker":

  • Picture Maker -> Paint Studio
  • Talent Maker -> Talent Studio
  • Polygon Maker -> Polygon Studio

Mario Artist: Paint Studio (12/01/1999)

Paint Studio is basically Mario Paint on steroids. Bundled with the Nintendo 64 Mouse, Paint Studio was one of the two 64DD launch titles.

Using the Nintendo 64 Capture Cartridge (included with Talent Studio), you could take stills from video tapes or import images from a Game Boy Camera for more editing fun.

Screen shots

Mario Artist: Talent Studio (02/23/2000)

Talent Studio, which came bundled with the Nintendo 64 Capture Cartridge, appears to be a simple movie production studio.

Players could run a VCR, camcorder, etc. through the Capture Cartridge and record movies on the N64. A still image (i.e. a person's face) from a video or Game Boy Camera picture can be pasted onto the characters in movies created with Talent Studio.

Screen shots

Mario Artist: Communication Kit (06/29/2000)

Communication Kit let you connect to Randnet's "Net Studio" where you could share your Paint/Talent/Polygon Studio creations with other Randnet members. Other features were entering contests and ordering "print services."

Randnet was a "network service" for the 64DD which players could subscribe to for a monthly fee. The service started in December, 1999, and was discontinued on February 28th, 2001.

Mario Artist: Polygon Studio (08/29/2000)

This appears to be similar to Paint Studio, but you're working with 3-D instead of 2-D.

Screen shots

Cancelled games

Announced but never released:

  • Mario Artist: Game Maker
  • Mario Artist: Graphical Message Maker
  • Mario Artist: Sound Maker
  • Mario Artist: Video Jockey Maker


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