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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Song: Human Video Game
Album: He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper
Release date: 3/29/1988

Ready Rock C beatboxes Donkey Kong music and sound effects behind the Fresh Prince's lyrics about an addiction to video games. Donkey Kong is mentioned in the lyrics a few times.

DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist

Song: Part 8 [a.k.a. "Hooked on Atari"]
Album: The Hard Sell (Encore)
Release date: 2/12/2008

In this part, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist sampled the "game start" and "level start" themes from Donkey Kong. The "level start" theme can be heard 48 seconds after the "game start" theme ends.

Far East Movement

Song: Rocketeer
Album: Free Wired
Release date: 10/12/2010

Lyrics excerpt:

Where we at, only few have known
Go on the next level, Super Mario
I hope this works out, cardio
Till then let's fly, Geronimo

Ice Cube

Song: Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha
Album: The Predator
Release date: 11/17/1992

Ice Cube starts off this track with the line, "It's on like Donkey Kong."


The Jellyfish song "Ignorance Is Bliss" takes us inside the mind of Bowser, who has kidnapped Princess Toadstool in order to get to Mario and Luigi. "Ignorance Is Bliss" was first released on Nintendo's White Knuckle Scorin' compilation album (1991), and later on Jellyfish's New Mistake Japanese EP (1999), Best! greatest hits album (2002), and Fan Club box set (2006). See the White Knuckle Scorin' page for complete lyrics.

Jennifer Lopez

Song: On the Floor
Album: Love?
Release date: 5/3/2011

This song features Pitbull, who provides a verse containing the lines, "All I need is some vodka and some chunky Coke / And watch a chick go get Donkey Konged."

Leaders of the New School

Song: Syntax Era
Album: T.I.M.E.
Release date: 10/12/1993

Lyrics excerpt:

(It's just another case) Wow! (Base)
Why is everybody always picking on me
Now let's see our games played
I'm Donkey Kong fat freak the notes

Less Than Jake

A Yoshi PEZ dispenser appears in the band's "Gainesville Rock City" music video.

Limp Bizkit

One page of the booklet included with Limp Bizkit's Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ album has Mario laying down a phat groove on a turntable. The doctored picture was originally Super Mario 64 game art.


Song: Spur of the Moment
Album: The Red Light District
Release date: 12/7/2004

Lyrics excerpt:

We get the news like MTV, every ten to the hour
We play Mario Brothers, we eat the 'shroom and get power

Thanks: DoktorS03


Song: Hoe Cakes
Album: MM..FOOD
Release date: 11/16/2004

Lyrics excerpt:

Own his own throne, the boss like King Koopa
On the microphone he flossed the ring (super)


Moby's "We Are All Made of Stars" music video includes footage of a game that looks like Donkey Kong with various changes. For example, the ladders are red, the girders are blue, Moby (in spacesuit) is the hero, and the barrels are replaced with stars.

Mr. Bungle

Snoop Dogg

Song: The Bidness
Album: R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece
Release date: 11/16/2004

Lyrics excerpt:

Before I pay that b**** I'm like a bossy hog
Half dog, half gorilla b****, Donkey Kong

Thanks: DoktorS03

The Lonely Island

Song: I Don't Give A Honk
Album: The Wack Album
Release date: 6/11/2013

Lyrics excerpt:

We all know we're born with a hundred honks
But people throw 'em away like they were Donkey Konks
And the honks are the barrels

Thanks: Lizard Dude

Song: The Compliments
Album: The Wack Album
Release date: 6/11/2013

Lyrics excerpt:

My man Jorm f***s all night
Call him Super Mario 'cause he be laying the pipe

Thanks: Lizard Dude

Trace Adkins

The chorus of "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" includes the semi-rhyme, "Got it goin' on / Like Donkey Kong."

"Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" was released on Songs About Me (3/22/2005), American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II (12/4/2007), and The Definitive Greatest Hits: Til the Last Shot's Fired (10/12/2010). A "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" CD single was released in 2006.

Thanks: Sponkery