The U.S. version was released almost two months later with a slightly longer title.

Region Title Release date Platform
Japan ワリオランドシェイク
Wario Land Shake
7/24/2008 Wii
USA Wario Land: Shake It! 9/22/2008 Wii

Gauge change

When Wario's power gauge is full, "! SHAKE !" appears in the Japanese version, whereas the U.S. version uses Wario's "W" emblem.

Japanese versionU.S. version


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ユーレトピア Yūretopia Yuretopia Shake Dimension
グラナン大陸 Guranan Tairiku Guranan Continent Ratl Ruins
アッフリフリ大陸 Affurifuri Tairiku Affurifuri Continent Wiggly Wilds
シャカリカ大陸 Shakarika Tairiku Shakarika Continent Rocking Range
オーユレダナ大陸 Ōyuredana Tairiku Oyuredana Continent Jiggle Jungle
ユーフラフラ大陸 Yūfurafura Tairiku Yufurafura Continent Quiver Cliffs


  • The Japanese game takes place in "Yuretopia," which is a combination of yureru (to shake) and utopia.


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ワリオ Wario Wario Wario
キャプテン・シロップ Kyaputen Shiroppu Captain Syrup Captain Syrup
クイーン メルフル Kuīn Merufuru Queen Merfle Queen Merelda
シェイキング Sheikingu Shaking Shake King
メルフル Merufuru Merfle Merfle