Art: GryphonTen

Full name: Luigi Mario
Height: 4'7" (about 140cm)
Weight: 130 lbs.
Home: The Mushroom Kingdom
First appearance: Mario Bros. (arcade)
Last appeared in: Mario Golf
"I wanna be a great plumber, just like
my brother Mario."
The Other Brother

Luigi is the taller, skinnier half of the Mario brothers, with a higher, longer jump to boot. Though he shares Mario's love for pasta, he remains skinny. Maybe he burns off all the calories striving to avoid being second-best....

From Luigi's first appearance ("Player 2" in the Mario Bros. arcade game), he seemed destined to forever lurk in Mario's shadow. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World reinforced his "Player 2" status. However, in Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi proved he can battle with the best of 'em. His long, high jumps coupled with average speed made him a popular choice among SMB2 gamers.

Despite taking a back seat to Mario in almost every game, Luigi has a huge fan following. Perhaps his lack of exposure has contributed to his popularity by leaving his fans wanting more. Luigi actually had a solo adventure in Mario is Missing!, but it was more of a "kiddie" game and not a typical action/adventure Mario platform game. I wouldn't be surprised if Luigi plays a major role in the next big Mario game.

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