Art: GryphonTen

Full name: Princess Peach Toadstool
Height: 5'2" (about 158cm)
Weight: None of your business.
Home: The Mushroom Kingdom
Times kidnapped: 6
First appearance: Super Mario Bros.
Last appeared in: Mario Golf
"Helllp! Mario, help me!"

Peach Toadstool burst into the Mario Universe in the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros., when she was kidnapped by Bowser as part of his failed Mushroom Kingdom takeover. Perhaps the most well-known "damsel in distress," she was kidnapped by Bowser five more times since SMB, with the most recent case being Super Mario 64. Though Peach may be a Mario-game-inducing abductee, she's no push-over. She can fight, as we've seen in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario RPG.

The first game in America to call Princess Toadstool "Peach" was Yoshi's Safari, but the most noticed instance was in Super Mario 64, which was released three years later. In Japan, her character was called "Peach" from day one, and it was gradually switched over in America. Still, she is a princess, and it's odd that the games never mention King or Queen Toadstool. Tragically, we learn from the Mario comics series that her mother is dead, and her father is a buffoon.

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