Art: LunaYoshi

Full name: Yoshi
Height: 5'2" (about 158cm)
Weight: 90 lbs.
Home: Yoshi's Island, Dinosaur Land
First appearance: Super Mario World
Last appeared in: Mario Golf
"Yoshi! [saddle up!]"
Super Dino

The standard green Yoshi is part of a species of rainbow-colored dinosaur-dragons, indigenous to an isle in Dinosaur Land called "Yoshi's Island." "Yoshi" is not just a clever name; their complex spoken language consists of only the word "Yoshi." (Since Mario has known the Yoshis since he was a baby, only he can understand their language.) Yoshis have an amazing ability to eat and digest virtually anything, however, depending on the color of the Yoshi, he will prefer similar colors of enemies or fruit. After swallowing an enemy, Yoshi can instantly transform it into an egg, which can be used as a weapon.

Despite teaming up with Mario in only a few games, Yoshi has proven to be a valuable sidekick; his precise egg-throwing accuracy is unmatched, his excellent jumping ability enables him to travel above and beyond dangerous terrain and enemies, and his flexible tounge can clear out a group of enemies with a few quick flicks. Yoshi is one super dino who you would definitely want on your side.

Before Mario and Yoshi were friends, Yoshi helped reunite Baby Mario with Baby Luigi in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Mario returned the favor in Super Mario World, where he freed all the Yoshis that Bowser trapped in eggs. Much to the dismay of Yoshi fans around the world, Yoshi had only a small part in Super Mario 64. Don't be surprised if Yoshi once again serves as Mario's main form of transportation in the next big Mario game.

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