Tetris Attack (GB)

Bowser  »

Enemy: Boss
The last boss. Available only on the Hard setting.

Cave of Wickedness  »

Location: Area
In the Vs. Mode, this is where you find Hookbill the Koopa, Naval Piranha, Kamek, and Bowser.

Flying Wiggler  »

Enemy: Boss
Third boss of Vs. Mode.

Gargantua Blargg  »

Enemy: Boss
Fifth boss of Vs. Mode.

Hookbill the Koopa  »

Enemy: Boss
Eighth boss of Vs. Mode.

Category: Koopa Troopas

Kamek  »

Enemy: Boss
Tenth boss of Vs. Mode. Only available on settings Medium and Hard.

Category: Magikoopas

Lakitu  »

Enemy: Boss
The first boss of Vs. Mode.

Category: Lakitus

Lunge Fish  »

Enemy: Boss
Sixth boss of Vs. Mode.

Naval Piranha  »

Enemy: Boss
Ninth boss of Vs. Mode.

Category: Piranha Plants

Poochy  »

Enemy: Boss
Second boss of Vs. Mode.

Prince Froggy  »

Enemy: Boss
Tetris Attack (GB) [known as "Froggy"]
Fourth boss of Vs. Mode.

Raphael the Raven  »

Enemy: Boss
Seventh boss of Vs. Mode.

Yoshi  »

Yoshi helps free his friends from Bowser's spell.

Category: Yoshis

Yoshi's Island  »

Location: Setting
The home of Yoshi and friends. Bowser likes to wreak havoc upon this island frequently.