Mario Party 2 (N64)

Game boards

Pirate Land
Western Land
Space Land
Mystery Land
Horror Land
Bowser Land

Item minigames

Roll Out the Barrels
Give Me a Brake!
Hammer Slammer
Coffin Congestion
Bowser Slots

Battle minigames

Bumper Balloon Cars
Day at the Races
Rakin' 'em In!
Bowser's Big Blast
Grab Bag
Face Lift
Crazy Cutters
Hot Bob-omb!

Dueling minigames

Saber Swipes
Quick Draw
Time Bomb
Mushroom Brew
Psychic Safari
Rock, Paper, Mario

2 vs. 2 minigames

Sky Pilots
Speed Hockey
Cake Factory
Looney Lumberjacks
Torpedo Targets
Destruction Duet
Magnet Carta
Toad Bandstand
Bobsled Run
Handcar Havoc
Balloon Burst
Dungeon Dash

1 vs. 3 minigames

Move to the Music
Bob-omb Barrage
Look Away!
Shock, Drop or Roll
Lights Out
Filet Relay
Quicksand Cache
Bowl Over
Crane Game

4-player minigames

Lava Tile Isle
Shell Shocked
Toad in a Box
Mecha Marathon
Roll Call
Abandon Ship
Totem Pole Pound
Honeycomb Havoc
Sneak 'n' Snore
Dizzy Dancing
Tile Driver
Deep Sea Salvage
Hot Rope Jump
Platform Peril
Bumper Balls
Bombs Away
Tipsy Tourney
Hexagon Heat
Skateboard Scamper
Slot Car Derby
Shy Guy Says