Super Mario Maker (WiiU)

World 1


World 2

Ghost House
Sound Effects
Sub Areas

World 3

Pipeline to the Other Side
Block Town
1-1 Remix (Ground)
Spinning Boo Buddies!

World 4

A P Switch's Journey
Switch It Up!
1-1 Remix (Raccoon Mario)
1-4 Remix (Castle)

World 5

Bloomin' Goombas!
Perilous Vine Climb
1-2 Remix (Underground)
Big Dry Bones' Pirate Ship

World 6

Sunken Mario
1-3 Remix (Athletic)
Festival of Fire

World 7

Super Star Dash
Be Brave & Get Up Close!
Attack Stack

World 8

5-3 Remix (Shoe Goombas)
1-2 Remix (Yoshi)
Zigzag Lava Bubbles
Go for the 3-Up Stomp!

World 9

Jump for It!
Clowning Around
Creepy-Crawly Bowser Tower

World 10

3-1 Remix (Infinite 1-Ups)
2-3 Remix (Pyramids)
Bowser Retreats, Mario Advances
Easy Does It...

World 11

Music Notes
Conveyor Belt Sprint
Shell Shot!
Find the Fire Flower!

World 12

Shoe Factory
Spiny Tower Demolition
7-2 Remix (Piranha Plants)
1-Airship Remix

World 13

8-B Remix (Airship)
Danger: Fire Bars!
Blaster Barrage
Dry Bones Stampede

World 14

Chain Chomp
Bone Dungeon
Underwater Automation
Up & Over

World 15

Even Trampolines Dream of Flying
2-5 Remix (Chain Chomps)
8-3 Remix (Hammer Bros.)

World 16

6-3 Remix (Ice)
Don't Delay!
Race to the Finish!
8-4 Remix (Castle Labyrinth)

World 17

NWC 2015-1
NWC 2015-2
NWC 2015-3
NWC 2015-4