Yoshi's Island DS (NDS)

World 1

1-1: Ba-dum BUM!
1-2: Hit the M Blocks!
1-3: Mario's Fleet Feet
1-4: Castle of the Big Burt Bros.
1-5: Catch the Breeze!
1-6: Glide Guys Take to the Skies
1-7: Baby Mario and Baby Peach: Dynamic Duo
1-8: Gilbert the Gooey's Castle
Secret 1: Welcome to Yoshi Tower!
Extra 1: Return of the Moving Chomp Rock!
Flip: Flip Cards

World 2

2-1: Baby DK, the Jungle King!
2-2: Underground Mysteries
2-3: Windblown Wilderness
2-4: Hector the Reflector's Haunted House
2-5: Going!
2-6: Donuts and Eggs
2-7: Yoshi on Stilts
2-8: Big Bungee Piranha's Lair
Secret 2: Yikes! Boiling Hot!
Extra 2: Moving Statues, Standing Statues
Scratch: Scratch and Match

World 3

3-1: Up the Creek
3-2: The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear!
3-3: Island of Peril
3-4: Bessie Bass's Battleship
3-5: Heeeeeeere's Wario!
3-6: Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!
3-7: Tap-Tap's Sunken Cave
3-8: Castle of Priscilla the Peckish
Secret 3: A Light in the Dark
Extra 3: Number Ball Special
Match: Match Cards

World 4

4-1: Rock 'n' Fall
4-2: High-Speed Cart Race!
4-3: In the Clouds
4-4: Six-Face Sal's Fort
4-5: Friend or Foe?
4-6: Slip Slidin' Away
4-7: Teeth-Chattering Chill Zone
4-8: Castle of Big Buy the Stilted
Secret 4: Hurry and Throw!
Extra 4: Let There Be Light!
Roulette: Roulette

World 5

5-1: Rompin', Stompin' Chomps
5-2: Goonie Heights
5-3: Spear Guy's Village Found!
5-4: The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie
5-5: The Cave That Never Ends
5-6: Find the Number Ball!
5-7: Superhard Acrobatics!
5-8: At Last, Bowser's Castle!
Secret 5: Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs
Extra 5: Quit It Already, Tap-Tap!
Slot: Slot Machine