Baby Bowser

Baby Bowser

Charges you five Coins for walking over his spot. When Toad changes locations, Baby Bowser replaces him.
Enemy: Boss
Baby Bowser
(1st battle)
HP: 20Exp: 0Coins: 0
Baby Bowser
(2nd battle)
HP: 640Exp: 120Coins: 50
The final boss. After you hit him three times, Kamek casts a growth spell on him, moving the battle outside the castle.
The final boss.
When attacking, he has a 60% chance of morphing into Bowser and destroying an enemy helper with one hit. Baby Bowser's attack is 1, stamina is 1, and salary is 3.
Replacing Toads on the Eternal Star Board, for 20 Coins they'll challenge you to a game to win a Star.
Playable character
Shoots fireballs that can melt ice, but prevents Yoshi from making eggs.

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