Mario Party Star Rush (3DS)


Balloon Bash
Balloon Bash map
Balloon Bash: Star Balloons
Coinathlon map
Coinathlon minigame
Toad Scramble
Toad Scramble: Moving on the map
Toad Scramble: Rolling dice

E3 2016

Everybody takes their turn at the same time
Party on the beach
You recruited Mario!
Mecha Bowser thing
Luigi chooses his path
Mario and a Boo
This board looks sweet
Yoshi's Cookie minigame

Nintendo 3DS Direct 9/1/2016

Four Toads
You got Yoshi!
1st Boss: Petey Piranha
Battling Petey
Big Blooper
Big Dry Bones
A bonus from Mario Party 10
Choose a number and a character piece to move.
Team Red wins!
Spin to win