Yoshi's Woolly World (WiiU)


Yoshi swallowing a Little Mouser
Question mark clouds
At the goal
Shy Guys with bombs
Craft Island
Co-op bubble platforming
Umbrella transformation
Fruit minigame
Yoshi airplane


1-1: Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!
Safari Yoshi is fixed
Yoshi Hut
Choose a Power Badge


Link Yoshi
Link Yoshi and Poochy
Link Yoshi attacks Wall Lakitus
Link Yoshi goes for purple gems
Donkey Kong Yoshi
Going under the Gustys
Piranha Plants
Yarn fishing
Raft ride
Lots of spikes
Different angle
Seed shootin'


Yarn tongue
Bouncy bubbles
Shy Guy towers
Piranha Plant is doomed
Blargg and Spear Guys

E3 2014

Woolly Yoshi
Two players team up to fight a big enemy
Piranha Plants and cloud platforms
Flower platform
Unraveling a path to the flower
Red Chomp Rock
Breaking the walls
Using the second player as a weapon
Throwing a yarn "egg" at a Piranha Plant

E3 2015

Making windmill blades from yarn
Yarn balls
Big, icy Snifit
Blargg chases Yoshis
Poochy on the spikes
Samus Yoshi and Mario Yoshi motorcycles
Chain Chomp
Lots of Chomp Rocks
Samus Yoshi

Nintendo Direct 1/23/2013

Yoshi's epic yarn?
Yoshi looks small
Yoshi looks big

Nintendo Direct 4/1/2015

Yarn Yoshi amiibo time
Double Yoshis
Mellow Mode: Yoshi tries to fly away from a Blargg
Mellow Mode: Flying between the enemies
Classic Mode: Blargg
Classic Mode: Lots of flying enemies
Tossing a yarn ball
Those platforms look soft
Spitting watermelon seeds
Mad crabs
Floating gems
Climbing the walls
Spiked mace on the ceiling
Shooting at Piranha Plants
Pink Chomp Rock
The monkeys are back

PAX Prime 2015

Happy yarn
Happy Yoshis
Giant red Yoshi
Shooting a Winged Cloud
Dr. Mario Yoshi
Dr. Mario Yoshi in action
Duck Hunt Yoshi
Chicken eggshells
Two players choosing Power Badges