System: Nintendo 64
Genre: Board game
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: TBA
ESRB rating: TBA
Players: 1 - 4 simultaneous
Save: ?
Memory size: ?
SRAM size: ?
Peripherals: Rumble Pak
MParty3 screen shot


Get ready for a third helping of intense multi-player fun, for the Mario Party series is soon to become a trilogy. If you bought the first two Mario Party games, the obvious quesion is: "Why should I shell out more bucks for this one, too?" And Nintendo's answer is:

  • 70 all-new mini games
  • 10 different map boards
  • 20 items included for the 4-player mode
  • New "Action Event" board space
  • New "dual map" feature (somehow leads to one-on-one battles or something)
  • 4-player simultaneous action (as always)
  • Specially designed 1- and 2-player modes
  • Appearances by Waluigi and Daisy

Mini games

Note that these are the Japanese names, and may change if Mario Party 3 is released in the USA.

1 vs. 3 Mini-Games

  • Hiyahiya Palm Tree Fruit
    Three players stand on top of palm trees and hip-drop, which knocks the fruit down at the other player. The other player is inside a barrel on the ground, and can roll left or right.
  • Shine the Searchlight
    One player is swimming in a pool. The other three operate searchlights. When all three lights are shining on the character in the pool at the same time, they win.
  • Title unknown
    The three players are climbing a hill, heading for the top. The other player rolls rocks down from the top to hinder the climbers.
  • Turning Gears
    Three players are riding on top of a gear. The other player operates the lever that rotates the gear.
  • Where? Where? Hide and Seek
  • Atsumete Coin River
    A "bonus game." One player rides in a boat, dragging the other three players behind him.
  • Wave Wave
    One player rides in a boat, and can make waves. The other three are in the lake, trying to dodge the waves by jumping.

2 vs. 2 Mini-Games

  • Mogumogu Big Pizza
    Under a 30-second time-limit, two-player teams cooperate to eat their side of a huge pizza. Be careful - the salami portions are difficult.
  • Dokadoka Cannons
    Aim your cannonballs at the Baby Bowser target in the center. The team with the most hits wins.
  • Obstacle Coaster
    Two-player teams ride the coaster towards the goal, moving left and right to avoid the yellow walls.
  • Coin Collecting on a Raft
    A "bonus game." Raft-riding for coins. Watch out for the Hammer Bros.' hammers.
  • Hurry! Wood-chopping
    One player puts the wood down for the other player, who cuts it.

4-Player Mini-Games

Battle Mini-Games

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Item Mini-Games

Other Mini-Games