That ball looks strangely like Samus's morph ball.

In this sequel to Super Mario Strikers, Mario and his gang have stepped up the competition another notch. With characters wearing armor and using an electrically-charged metallic soccer ball, the game retains most of the original's gameplay while attempting a grittier and more extreme presentation, including over-the-top field entries and victory dances.

Like its predecessor, the game deviates significantly from standard soccer rules: there are no out-of-bounds and no fouls. An electric wall keeps the ball and players on the field, and players can attack each other directly or with shells, bananas, and other melee-based items. Several different play fields are available, each featuring its own environmental hazards.

Three modes of play are as follows: Domination Mode (exhibition), Road to the Striker Cup, and Striker Challenges. A team captain is selected from the major Mario characters; so far, Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, and Bowser have been confirmed as selectable. Three teammates are selected from Toad, Boo, Koopa, and Dry Bones, each with their own special abilities. Kremlings serve as the goalies. Characters will have even more special moves than they did in the original.

The game primarily uses the classic two-handed control scheme with the Nunchuk attachment, but shaking the Wii Remote allows players to direct physical attacks at their opponents. A new power shot meter adds a little more Wii-specific gameplay. Once charged, the offense can launch a Mega Strike kick, which will send multiple balls at the goalie. The goalie, using the Wii Remote as a pointer directing a pair of hands, must block each ball in first-person view.

Mario Strikers Charged is the first Mario sports game to feature online multiplayer, with 4-player matches possible over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Mario Strikers Charged currently has a vague Summer 2007 release date for North America, but Australian gamers can expect the game in July.

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