Mario Teaches Typing (Mac)
Game credits

As listed in the instruction manual.

Mac CD-ROM Version
Lion Entertainment

Douglas Grounds

Video Processing
Douglas Grounds
Kim La Cava
Nonie Grounds
Geoffrey Sanders

Kim La Cava
Nonie Grounds

Thomas R. Decker

Assistant Producer
Fred Royal

Executive Producer
Brian Fargo

Original DOS Programming
Jay Patel
Greg Christensen
Kurt Dekker

Original Mac Version
Presage Software Development

Director of QA
Kirk Tome

Lead Tester
Chris Benson

John Sramek
Yuki Furumi

Script Prepared by
Fred Royal

Manual Layout and Design
Salma Asadi

Digitized Movies by
Larry Lesser

Original Sound Effects by
Hamilton Alstatt

Original Music by
David Govett in association with The Fat Man

Audio Director
Charles Deenen

Mario Movies

Movie Music
Brian Luzietti

Sound Effects and Editing by
Gregory R. Allen

CD Music

Vocals and Vocal Arrangement
André Egans

Rap and Lyrics
Legacy X

Written by
Gregory R. Allen
André Egans

Produced by
Charles Deenen
Gregory R. Allen

Mixed by
Charles Deenen

Mastered by
Larry Walsh at Capitol

3D Audio Enhancement by
Spatializer Audio Labs

Additional 3D Enhancement by

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