Where is Grate Guy's Casino?
After you beat Grate Guy, Knife Guy, and the bundt cake at Marrymore, go back to Booster's Tower. Climb to near the top where you see Knife juggling balls. He'll ask you if you want to play a game. Watch closely and try to guess which hand the yellow ball is in. Do this 12 times. After that, you should get a Bright Card. Go to Bean Valley and go to the area with five pipes. Go down the pipe closest to the Save Block. Go to the upper corner where the Chomp-Chomp is, and jump three times. A platform should appear. Jump on it, go to the exit, and you're there!

Where are the three flags that the 3 Musty Fears hide?
Dry Bones' flag is underneath Mario's bed in Mario's Pad. Big Boo's flag is between the "O" and the "A" in "GOAL" at Yo'ster Island. And finally, Greaper's flag is behind the welcome flower at Rose Town.

What's the deal with the different items you get when you hit those three latches at Belome's Temple?
Well, certain patterns get you different items. Sometimes you get a Yoshi's Cookie, Mushroom, enemies, or something else. But only a few lead to Belome and Monstro Town. Here is a chart to lead you:

  • Left, center, right - You'll either get a Yoshi's Cookie or a Mushroom, but you won't be able to face Belome
  • Left, right, center - You'll get a Yoshi's Cookie and then fight Belome
  • Center, right, left - You might run into three Chows or a Shy Away. You can beat them, but you won't be able to face Belome
  • Center, left, right - Beat three Chows, then face Belome
  • Right, left, center - You either get 100 coins or a Frog Coin, but you can't fight Belome
  • Right, center, left - Get 100 coins, then fight Belome

Where is the secret Fertilizer that the guy at Rose Town wants?
At Nimbus Land, go into a house at the far right. Talk to Croco to get the Signal Ring. When you go outside, walk straight out into clouds and you should walk off the screen and find a Shy Away there. Talk to him and he'll give you the fertilizer.

What are the three tunes that Toadofsky of Tadpole Pond wants to hear?
At first, Get a lesson from him telling you where notes are. Then play: Mi, Re, Do, Ti, La, So, Fa. He'll give you a Alto Card. Later in the game, play La, Mi, Re, Do, Re, Do, Re to get a Tenor Card. Near the end, play: La Ti Do Re So Do Re Mi for a Soprano Card!

What happens when you hit that green button found in Booster's Tower?
Go to Booster's Pass, and in the first area, a cave should have opened. Go in there for a KeroKero Cola.

Where is this Culex guy I've been hearing about?
You know that sealed door in Monstro Town? He's in there. "How do I get in there?" you might ask. Well, go buy the fireworks from the mole in Moleville for 500 coins (ouch), then go outside and talk to the little girl. Give her the fireworks to get the Shiny Stone. Take the expensive stone to the sealed door in Monstro Town, and it should open. Do not try to fight Culex before all your players are at experience level 25.

How do I get a bigger fireworks display at the end of the game?
Easy: the more fireworks you buy from Moleville, the bigger the fireworks display. The only problem is dishing out the 500 coins each time.

This FAQ was written by Mallow. Thanks Mallow!