System: Nintendo GameCube
Genre: Action/adventure
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: August 26, 2002
ESRB rating: E
Players: 1
Memory size: ?
Save: Yes
Memory card blocks: 7
SMS screen shot


After the harrowing experience of being trapped inside a painting in Luigi's Mansion, Mario decides to take a much-needed vacation. Together with Princess Peach, he boards a plane and heads off to the tropical island of Dorupikku. Upon arriving, they see a town with its buildings defaced with graffiti, and spots of brown sludge polluting various parts of the land. It gets worse—the villian who ruined the town looked like Mario, so the townspeople are not exactly thrilled to see him. Donning a water-pump backpack named FLUDD, Mario sets out to clean up the town and clear his name!

Before I go any further, yes, Mario can ride Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine! However, it is not known whether he's just confined to one area to help with a certain situation, or if he's free to roam throughout the whole game. Yoshi can whip his tongue out to swallow enemies, and kick his legs while in mid-air to hover for a little bit. As for Mario, his main attack this time around is squirting water from his water pump. A blast from his hydro-powered backpack will help clean up the town as well as cleaning enemies' clocks. In addition, Mario's water pump can be used to propel him through water, and also to do a super-high jump from ground-level. Another mode of the pump fires two jets of water straight down to the ground, helping Mario stay in the air longer during jumps.

It has been revealed that the gameplay will be much like that of Super Mario 64, where you must re-play an area several times to complete different objectives. Thankfully, it is said that SMS will have much larger areas than SM64, and instead of finding Stars, Mario collects Shines—golden discs with rays protruding out to resemble a shining sun. Also similar to SM64, Mario will have an 8-hit power meter that can be replenished by collecting Coins.