System: Nintendo GameCube
Genre: Action/adventure
Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: June 23, 2003
ESRB rating: E
Players: 1
Memory size: ?
Save: Yes
Memory card blocks: ?
WWorld screen shot


From the developer of the arcade smash Ikaruga comes Wario's first 3-D adventure. This time, Wario's wealth fights back! When an evil black jewel transforms his treasures into monsters, Wario must find a way to clean out his castle and reclaim his loot.

It looks like Wario's trademark transformations won't be making it to the GameCube quite yet, but Wario can use wrestling maneuvers and various objects to pound his enemies into oblivion, solve puzzles, and find secret areas. Taking a page out of Kirby's book, Wario can also inhale coins through his mouth.

Wario World sounds like a short game, but it looks like Wario will make successful transition to 3-D. Will it be "Super Mario 64" all over again? We'll find out on June 23!