WarioWare: Smooth Moves continues the WarioWare tradition of wacky fast-paced microgames, this time taking advantage of the Wii Remote. Objectifying the remote in-game, Wario has stumbled upon a strange book and a device known as the Form Baton, which is then used to direct approximately 200 microgames.

Unlike previous games, before each microgame, the game directs players to hold the remote in a position suited for each microgame. In total, there are at least 17 different ways to hold the controller, each given a descriptive name such as The Chauffeur, The Handlebar, The Umbrella, The Waiter, The Sketch Artist, The Samurai, The Big Cheese, The Mohawk, The Remote Control, The Boxer, The Finger Food, and The Dumbbell. Many of the microgames require full-body motions in order to perform properly and many are designed to not only entertain the player, but to entertain spectators.

Wario, Mona, Ashley, and other familiar characters will make a return and new characters will also appear. There is currently no release date, though it should be released within three months of the Wii launch.

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