The ABC's of Mario
A poem by Mandy Owsten

A is for Airship, the Koopas' plaything,
B is for Bowser, the bad Koopa King.
C is for Coins, collect all you can,
D's "Doki-Doki", Mario 2 of Japan.
E is for Enemies that spoil your game,
F's Fire Flower, setting baddies a-flame!
G is for Goomba, so simple to stomp,
H is for Hopping away from a Thwomp!
I is for Items that "help on your way",
J is for Jugem to cloud-float away.
K's for the Koopalings, fighting them is a bummer,
L's for Luigi, the lesser-known plumber.
M is for Mario, Miyamoto's creation,
N's for Nintendo, the video game sensation!
O is for Ostro, or was Birdo his name?
P's for the Princess, needing saved every game!
Q's for "Queen Koopa", but where did she go?
R's for Raccoon Tail, to fly from below.
S is for Starman, an invincible guy,
T is for Toad, your helpful ally.
U's Underground, with Pipes of all sorts,
V is for Veggies, offensive to Wart.
W is for Wario, just slightly insane,
X is for eXit, through vase, door, or drain.
Y is for Yoshi, 'cause eating is fun,
Z is for Zone where your Warping is done.
Well, that explains Mario, simple as can be
So how about playing Nintendo with me?

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