TMK turns 4!

What can I say that I haven't said before? TMK has grown and prospered thanks to you, the fans. Without your support and suggestions, there's no way TMK could survive. Once again, thank you.

The past
So what happened at TMK this past year? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Added a weekly mailbag that seems to be going fairly well so far.
  • Pegasus Team becomes the first (and so far the only) person to find the hidden page.
  • "Fungi Forums," our message board, was born.
  • Internet radio station WTMK started broadcasting.
  • Added lots of info on obscure Mario titles and cameos.
Last year I mentioned that I wanted to have the Mariopedia done by December 2000. Hah! Right. I don't even remember what I added to the Mariopedia in the past year, so it must not have been much. I'm tempted to take a year off of updating and work on the 'pedia non-stop, but there's too much other stuff to do.

The future
Here's the deal. I almost unleashed a small design change upon TMK, but then Netscape 6 came out. N6 has a problem with animated GIFs not being cached, and this totally messes up the snazzy mouse-over-image-change script on the left menu. Granted, I have an image-change script in the current design, but I want to wait until N6 gets its act together so I don't have to keep modifying my code as new versions of N6 are released.

You may have noticed the new Mario Mania section I put up today. TMK's pending redesign will have a "button" for it on the left menu, but of course the section will be beefed up before the redesign is unveiled. And after all that happens, the game info pages will get a new format.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the last four years. As Mario would say, "See you next time!"

The Mushroom Kingdom \ 3/24/2001
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