TMK's 8th Birthday
We're halfway to 16

State of the Kingdom

First of all, I finally bought after seven and a half years. Secondly, MEGAߥTE's slick database and mailbag scripts have made mailbagging and media updates easier, resulting in more of those updates last year than in recent years. Lastly, David and I set up a new, higher quality WTMK stream, made possible by the 'Zone Radio Network. Next year, with the arrival of the Nintendo DS and upcoming games like Mario Baseball, Mario DDR, and Mario Kart Arcade GP, things should get pretty interesting.

The future
My highest priority is databasing the game info pages, which I hope to start on next month. As for other staff members, Chupperson should have a fan art update soon, and Lizard Dude should have a sightings update sometime this year.

Thanks for visiting, and check back again next year for an even shorter birthday special. ;-)


The Mushroom Kingdom \ 3/24/2005
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