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Pretty short, but reveals some stuffice...

                                                                                   PHASE 23

                                                         (Cel awakes in a strange fantasy world, {Okay, a stranger fantasy world} where everything is at a distorted angle. Oozing out of the floor, Penter pops up, his eyes closed, his mouth twisted downward.)

Penter: Cel. Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

Celistar: P-Penter! I…I…

Penter: Cel…why didn’t you try to find me? I’ve been lost in the woods…I’m starving…I’ve been looking everywhere…for you…

Celistar: I…I didn’t know…I thought...

Penter: You think everything! You always assume! You never look…foolish child…

(Penter falls to the ground, now a grisly skeleton. Cel steps back, right into Wes)

Wes: Cel! Aren’t we friends? Best friends? Friends forever?

Celistar: What???

Wes: Come on Cel. You know I’m better then that stupid mouse. And his hat…his hat is so STUPID!

Celistar: It’s…it’s not that important-


(A giant hat falls on top of him. Kan jumps down, grinning insanely.)

Kan: Princess! This is our chance to kill that dirty, vile, vulgar, weak, licentious-

Celistar: What? But he’s not like that! He’s- (Kan continues talking)

Kan: -quickly! Right behind him; slide the sword slowly into his back, right into his dirty Koopa heart-

Celistar: What-but-

(Suddenly, Peach looms over the whole scene, a reproachful glare aimed at the hat)

Peach: Koopas? They must be killed! And Celistar-what are you doing? We’ve been killing Koopas everywhere, looking for you…of course; they were all guilty of something anyway…

Kan: Ah! My queen! Great, kind, beautiful, gracious, powerful-

(Now rising up, a massive shadow, even higher then Peach…Mario.)

Mario: Cel! My young Cel…wandering with Koopas? They are evil things! They were created…to be KILLED.

(Mario smashes his foot onto the hat; a sickening crunch seems to emanate everywhere. Cel tries not to vomit, but is slowly losing the internal fight.)

Mario: Why aren’t you killing more, Cel? They want to destroy our kingdom, they want-

Cel: NO!

(Cel steps back, turns around, and runs. Through doors, she’s in the castle again…Toads jump back out of the way, she’s running downstairs…into the basement. An insane chanting fills her head; it’s coming from a large door…she slams it open. Inside, a group stands in a circle, chanting ancient words…and they are all wearing masks…of…MARIO. MARIO’s face adorns the masks, golden and solid. In the center, a bright light is forming.)

Cel: What…When…Why…

(A masked figure turns.)

Masked Figure: Celistar…ha ha…just like your father…but…even younger…yes…

Cel: What-what are you talking about?

Masked Figure: Cel…don’t try to run…this is you’re… (Sneers) destiny.

Cel: No! Get away from me!

(The Masked Figures quickly circle Cel, the light following them. It soon embraces Cel, swallowing her into an infinite fire. She suddenly starts falling, a strange feeling all around her. She finds to herself that she is not screaming…and this is more surprising than anything else to her.)


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Also Important, but Short.                                                     

                                                        PHASE 24
                                                       Desert Travel

                                                     (The heat is incredible. It is burning Cel’s skin. Sweat is everywhere. Cel suddenly realizes that she is still in the Dry Dry Desert…she is still on an insane mission…she is still hiding from her own kingdom and government…she is still-)

Kan: She’s…she’s opened her eyes! Get over here you stupid turtle!

Wes: (Glares for a second, but quickly runs over) Cel…Cel? Cellllll!

Celistar: Get off! (She gets up; sweat continually pouring down her face.) How…How long have I been asleep?

Kan: Princess…it must’ve been…been four hours now…hasn’t it?

Wes: Yeah. Not too long. Otherwise, we would’ve abandoned you. (Kan glares) It’s called a joke!

Kan: This is no time for joking…we have to continue towards that infernal Koopa Kastle.

Celistar: How close are we now, Wes?

Wes: Too close for comfort. …Well, about another three miles.

Celistar: WHAT? We’re that close?

Wes: Well, actually, that’ll get us to the Barren Lands…and then about another day’s travel to Koopa Kastle.

Celistar: Oh. Well, we better start now, then.

Wes: Yes…

(They start walking in silence. The hot sun slowly starts to lower.)

Celistar: (Sweating furiously now.)

Wes: Um, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve traveled this route, and as long as we continue in this direction…we’ll hit an oasis.

Celistar: You’ve traveled this way before?

Wes: Yeah… (Wes looks down, so Cel stops talking.)

(More Silence.)

Wes: Hey…Cel.

Celistar: What.

Wes: What…are you going to do after all of this is over?

Celistar: Over?

Wes: Yeah. Let’s say everything actually works. You break into Bowser’s Castle, save Toadbert, maybe deplete the amount of soldiers there…and escape. Safely. What then?

Celistar: Oh…um…I guess I’ll get Toadbert back to the castle…and then…they’ll know I’m back…I…maybe I’ll just stay quiet for awhile, until Bowser attacks. (Or maybe find Penter?)

Kan: What! Princess! You can’t! It’s too dangerous to fight Bowser! It’s-

Cel: I have Mario’s blood in me. I am his daughter. And-

(Cel looks at Wes. She thinks of being a MOD. She thinks of Wes being a MOD as well. She knows that there is more in store for her then simply saving Toadbert. But can she tell Wes yet? His destiny?)

(Kan and Wes watch Cel)

Wes: Yes?

(Cel quickly looks down.)

Celistar: Never mind.

(Wes stares for awhile.)

Wes: Cel…do…do you remember what happened right before you…collapsed?

Cel: Yes. You wouldn’t stop arguing, and it just must have been the sun…I couldn’t stand the heat. Why?

Wes: Well…you…um…never mind.

(Cel glowers for a bit, but the walk simply continues, until they spot the oasis in the distance. Switch to Mushroom City. Two Toads’ are walking side by side through a dark alley. They are looking for Koopa’s that are hiding, to capture them, and get a reward from the government. However, something much different is lurking there. The Toad on the right suddenly screams, as a dark figure leaps on him, and a long, sticky tongue shoots out…right into the victim’s mouth. The other Toad stumbles back. His face whiter then the cap on his head.)

Toad: No…oh spirits…no…it’s…it’s a YOSHI. (The Toad nearly trips back, but turns and runs. The sound of organs being ripped out through the mouth sounds through the alleyway. The Toad runs to the Castle…he has to tell the Royal Guard…quickly…but the claws of insanity scratch at his head…)


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                                                                              PHASE 25
                                                                             Dungeon Duo

                                                         (Bowser’s messenger scurries through Mushroom City, the night hiding him in dark shadows along the walls. He leaps into Toad Town, and continues to hide around corners, making sure not to get caught by the Toads crawling around the village. He has heard the rumors from rouge Koopa’s. He has to get to Peach’s Castle-and leave a written message. He’s almost there. He runs forward, prepared to climb the walls, when he’s knocked back. A Toad Guard steps out from the shadows. The messenger is surrounded by Toad Guards.)

Toad Guard: You’re surrounded, Koopa. Follow us…or we’ll kill you now.

Messenger: No! Wait! I have a…message for the que-

Toad Guard: Don’t speak her name, filth! (The Toad Guard stabs at the messenger, knocking him down) Now come with us…

(The Toad Guards behind him kick at his legs, forcing him forward, into the dark, gloomy, castle. Switch to the desert oasis. It is morning. Cel and the rest are getting ready to go.)

Celistar: How many of those coconuts have we filled up now?

Kan: About 15…it should be enough…

Wes: It will. The Barren Lands aren’t hot…they’re simply barren and lifeless…no one really knows why…

Cel: Hm. Well, according to your estimate, if we start walking now…

Wes: We’ll reach the Lava Ring by night. I have no idea how you think you’re going to get over that.

Cel: Have to try…

(They start walking. As they finally see the beginning of the Barren Lands, a Pokey spins out of the ground. All three jump back. Kan draws out his lance.)

Kan: Aha! Some practice for my lance!

(Before Wes interrupts with a smart comment, or before Cel can insist she tries it, Kan leaps at the Pokey, and stabs at it. However, it deflects right off the Pokey. The Lance lands a few feet away.)

Kan: What! You-!

Cel: Wait…I want to try something. Wes…get into your shell.

Wes: What?

Cel: I said, get into your shell.

Wes: Um, why?

Cel: Just do it! I want to try something!

Wes: I don’t-

(But Wes starts to get into the shell, but as he’s doing it, Cel picks it up, and flings it at the Pokey. It knocks it apart, and some loose guts land on the ground. Wes jumps up.)

Wes: WHAT THE HELL. I…that was…

Celistar: Oh, stop whining.

Wes: We…we could’ve just walked around, but-but-and that thing…what if it had been harder than my shell…

Celistar: But it hadn’t…just barely enough…how lucky…

Wes: Yeah, how lucky! If it-

Kan: Come on, let’s go. (Kan has got his lance again.) We want to get to the Lava Ring as quickly as possible, right?

Wes: Yeah…yeah… (Wes looks at the ground, sighs deeply, and looks up, to see the Cel and Kan walking several feet away.) Wait!

(Wes runs after them and the scene switches, to Peach’s Castle. The crazed Toad who had seen Yoshi pounds at the massive door, screaming at the top of his lungs. Finally, the door slams open, and an angry Toad Guard frowns at him.)

Toad Guard: What the hell are you screaming about?

Toad: I know…I KNOW!  Who…who…

Toad Guard 2: What’s going on Larry?

Toad Guard (Larry): This crazy idiot has been screaming out here for who knows how long.


Toad Guard 2: Eh, better throw him in the dungeon?

Toad Guard (Larry): Yeah. Come with us.


Toad Guard 2: Shut up! (Stabs him forward)

Toad Guard (Larry): As if we didn’t have a problem enough with Koopas, we have to deal with nut jobs like you. (He stuffs a gag into the crazed Toad’s mouth.)

(The loud shrieking becomes a muffled moaning. The Toad is kicked into the darkness of the castle.)

                                    TO BE CONTINUED…?

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I want to give a big farewell before I dissapear for another summer without computer access...>:(...BTW, I have a Title Picture on the first post. It's at the bottom, beacause I can't figure out how to get it at the top(And the Picture button yields a X).

                                                         PHASE 26
                                                     Castle Infiltration

                                                      (Bowser’s Castle. Bowser is high on a balcony looking out at the dreary landscape. A massive moat of lave encircles the Castle, and beyond that, a seemingly endless landscape of dead ground. Somewhere in the misty distance, a mysterious light glows out of the darkness. It is Koopa City. But that is not what Bowser is looking for. He looks out at the south, waiting for a certain group to appear. But-)

Koopa Soldier: King Bowser sir!

Bowser: (Swings around) What now?

Koopa Soldier: Well…your son, Iggy…he was found dea-


Koopa Soldier: Um, yes, well-


(Bowser practically kicks the Koopa back through a door, a loud crash is heard.)

Bowser: I don’t have time for this…they’ll be arriving any moment now…

(Bowser continues to look out from the balcony, into the mists…however futile it seems. Another Koopa Soldier appears from behind. He whispers something to Bowser, and Bowser almost jumps. He quickly follows the Koopa Soldier, and the scene turns back to the mists, and it moves forward quickly into it. Cel, Wes, and Kan are critically near the castle. From out of the mists, Koopa Kastle emerges, along with the monstrous lava moat.)

Celistar: We did it. We’re here! We’re finally here!

Wes: …

Kan: You’re still thinking of going in there, princess?

Cel: Yes! It’s my fault Toadbert was captured.

Wes: (Sigh) so, now you have to tell us your brilliant plan on getting in…and over…the Lava Ring.

Kan: Well, yes, I am rather curious myself, now.

Cel: Um…well…

(Cel looks over the other side. A long drawbridge is upright…controlled by a nearby system. The Guard is sleeping…)

Cel: (Takes a deep breath) I…have to jump over the ring…

Kan: What?

Celistar: I have to jump over the Lava Ring…and lower the drawbridge for you two…if you are coming?

Wes: Wuh, well, wait, what? You can’t jump over the Lava Ring, and-

Kan: Well, princess, if it was possible, I’d come with you, but-

Cel: It’s time to go.

Wes: But, but, Cel! You can’t jump over that lava moat! It must be twice the length of that one river...and you know how that turned out…

(Flashback of Cel barely touching the other side, and barely getting up {With some “help”})

Wes: And besides, THIS will KILL YOU. Your skin will MELT OFF. You will die screaming-

Celistar: Oh, shut up. I’m doing this.

Kan: No, princess! I beg you, you must-

(Cel stands back and prepares to jump. Wes turns away, and shakes his head. Kan watches in futility. And she jumps…over the Lava Ring…and lands on the dust on the other side.)

Kan: What…you…

Wes: I-(Wes turns around, and almost falls over.)-You…survived…I-

Cel: Yes…

(Without warning, a large wall of fire bursts out of the lava ring, going twenty feet in the air. It falls back in, with a splash. Kan chokes.)

Kan: If I had finished my sentence earlier…and you had waited…and jumped…and…

Cel: Eh, it probably would’ve happened five seconds after that too…it’s all luck.

Kan: What-but-

(Cel sneaks over to the guard, and tries to punch him in the back of the head. It hurts her arm, but the guard falls over, unconscious. Cel and shrugs, and, without caution, pulls down the drawbridge with a switch. Wes and Kan run over, Wes with a slight hesitation. They enter the dark castle, Kan drawing out his lance. Switch to Bowser’s Castle, dining hall. The table is covered with massive amounts of food. Bowser sits down, grabs a meaty leg of something, and rips a juicy bite out. From the doorway, four of five of Bowser’s surviving children enter, Larry, Morton, Roy, and Lemmy, and also sit down. Following are a few of Bowser’s captains.)

Bowser: (Looks around.) Where…is Ludwig?

Morton: He was in his room, King Dad. Talking to himself.

Bowser: GRAGH! Get him in here! For today, we must celebrate…Maeras?

(Maeras is a Lakitu Captain, Captain of the Air Fleets.)

Maeras: Yes?

Bowser: You have ordered all your troops into the Back Fields, correct?

Maeras: Yes, sir. And Hamro has also put them there. And of course, Be-

Bowser: Quiet. I know the other ones have fulfilled my desires. It’s just…you, Maeras…you seem…

(The door slams open, and Ludwig runs in, carrying a large tray of tea. He grins sheepishly.)

Ludwig: Sorry, King Dad…I wanted to make something…special, for the invention of our new weapon…

(Scene switch, to another part of Bowser’s Castle, earlier. Cel, Kan, and Wes are walking through a hallway.)

Celistar: Wes, you’ve-

Wes: Shh, quieter! Yes?

Celistar: Ahem, Wes, you’ve been here before, right?

Wes: Yes, once…

Celistar: Do you know where the dungeons, are?

Wes: Yes, this hallway… (They turn into a darker hallway.)

Kan: You know, you would think there would be more…guards…around here?

Wes: Yes, it is rather strange…oh, here we are…

(They arrive at a dark door. Everyone-even Kan, takes a deep breath.)

Cel: This…may be the end of our journey…perhaps…

Wes: Move!

(Wes shoves Cel and Kan in, and closes the door. Outside, the shuffling of quick feet and the sound of clinking tea cups sound. Wes breathes a sigh of relief.)

Wes: Okay…

(All of them turn towards the cold, stone stairs, which turn endlessly downwards, into the darkness…)

(Scene switch. Peach’s Castle. Outside. The dark monstrous figure, Yoshi, creeps across the yard, towards the massive doors. Inside, it can smell flesh similar to the one who rode him long ago…a female…Yoshi clambers towards the door, the smell of meat urging him on…)

                                                 TO BE CONTINUED…

                                                                   PHASE 27
                                                                 Castle Escape

                                                                (Bowser’s Castle. Dining Hall. Everyone is eating. Bowser ignores the fact that Hamro, his Hammer Bro Land Captain, is still missing. Bowser, thirsty after a large chunk of meat, sloshes down the drink Ludwig concocted.)

Bowser: (Looks up.) Come on! It’s time we celebrated! The weapons are complete! And this drink…what do you call it, Lud?

Ludwig: Veritamort.

Bowser: Yes indeed! Everyone, have a drink!

(Trying not to hesitate, everyone in the room takes a drink. A silence follows, everyone looking around nervously. Ludwig backs away, near the door. Nobody seems to notice, a strange dreamy feeling hitting them all. But then…)

Bowser: Ludwig…you…you did something…to this drink…urgh…

Ludwig: Yes, father. Yes. All of you…heh heh…you’ve all drunk a strong poison.

(Everyone’s neck snaps up. Iggy starts violently coughing, along with a few captains. Bowser gets up.)

Bowser: LUD…wig…what have you done to…to...this…DRINK?

Ludwig: Ha…ha…hezzz…Dad…I’ve told you…I’ve poisoned it. And-

(Bowser starts to stomp towards him, but Ludwig draws out a gun…the only gun made…in fact, the one that killed Mario. Bowser freezes.)

Ludwig: My simple, short plan worked. None of the guns are finished father. All the troops have stopped working on it right now, to be in the Back Area…instead of guarding you, because YOU ordered it, because YOU thought the guns were finished…you thought the troops had them, ready to attack the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bowser: But…but… that Koopa…he told me…

Ludwig: HA! A lie…he worked for me. In fact, everyone on my side is not in this room…I have only poisoned those that would oppose me…

Bowser: But why did you kill Bowser Jr. and Wendy and Iggy first?

Ludwig: Because…I knew Bowser Jr. was the toughest of us…he fought Mario the most…I knew the poison wouldn’t kill him…and Wendy…she was the first to BJ’s crime scene…she knew that he had been stabbed to death…and she later accidently wandered into my room, and saw a knife…so I had to kill her later.

Bowser: And…Iggy?

Ludwig: I…wanted to kill something…watch it’s blood spill…

Bowser: GRAGGH YOU-(Ludwig points up the gun.)

Ludwig: Don’t. Move.

Bowser: What’s the point? I’m going to die anyway!

Ludwig: But…I have an antidote. (Ludwig holds up a vial full of purple liquid.) I may save you…if you promise to let me rule…and be my slave. Of course, I will make sure you won’t be able to kill me…a few drops of the antidote will save you, but make you weak.

Bowser: GRAGH! Never…I won’t let you…rule…I am-

Ludwig: Fine. I’m sick of listening to your voice, anyway.

(With a flick of his wrist, he fires the gun, straight at Bowser’s face. A flood of blood splashes out of the hole in his head. He falls to the ground, the blood spilling all over his body. Larry chokes.)

Ludwig: Now then…anyone else wish to serve me?

(Surprisingly, everyone stays quiet, but then Lemmy walks forward, head down. Ludwig smiles.)

Ludwig: I always knew you were my smartest brother.

(He taps a few drops of the liquid into Lemmy’s mouth, and a large amount into himself, enough to kill the poison completely. He turns.)

Ludwig: Anyone else wish to live?

(Nobody looks up. Roy growls.)

Ludwig: Okay. (Ludwig shoots the five generals present. And then turns to his brothers.) For all the misery you gave me, I will let you die a slow painful death, from the poison. Enjoy your last moments of life.

(Ludwig shuts the door, let’s Lemmy out, and locks the door. The Koopalings fall to the ground, and wither in misery and pain, except for Roy, who stands up defiantly.)

(Cut to the Castle Dungeon, about when Ludwig enters the Dining Room. Cel, Wes, and Kan have reached the bottom of the steps.)

Celistar: Okay…so-

Wes: Just follow me.

Celistar: Okay, but…why were you even in Koopa Kastle the first time?

Wes: Because I’m a Koopa. And-


Celistar: Toadbert! He’s…he’s alive…I knew it. Come…C’mon!

(Cel runs ahead. Wes quickly follows. But Kan stops.)

Kan: Wait…how does he know you’re here?

(But he also quickly runs after Cel and Wes, coming right around the corner. In the middle of a large chamber, Toadbert is tied around the waist. Cel runs to him, and starts to untie the ropes. Wes stops right inside the room.)

Wes: Wait! Cel! Something’s wrong…something’s…

(A wall of fire bursts out of the ground, right behind of Wes, he falls forward, just as Kan arrives. Kan is blocked from Cel and Wes. Inside the room, the wall of fire circles the entire room. Cel continues to untie Toadbert, but now more desperately. Finally she finishes…but a figure drops from the ceiling…it’s Hamro.)

Hamro: So…this is Celistar…daughter of the superstar, Mario…

Celistar: Who…are you?

Toadbert: Cel! He made me call your name, he-YOU!

(Toadbert runs back, towards Wes.)

Hamro: Ah, Wes! You’ve finished your mission…you’ve brought Celistar here, to me. As Bowser rewards me, I will reward you greatly.

Celistar: What? Wes…?

Wes: No…no! I’m Cel’s…friend now, I’m not…

Hamro: Don’t try to make her feel better…

Celistar: You…you lured me here?

Wes: No! I-

Hamro: Yes. You went to that bar…it was lucky that you even met. Wes was starting to chicken out…right before a bar fight started…and Wes was tossed out, and beaten…

Wes: But…I’m on Cel’s side now…I’m...I don’t work for Bowser! We’re…friends! I will not join you, I’ll-

Hamro: Oh no…poor Wes he must be sick. You need some SLEEP… (Hamro throws an expertly tossed hammer, and it hits Wes on the head. He falls back, and faints. Toadbert jumps back.)

Cel: You…I…Wes…Toadbert… (Cel looks back. She doesn’t know what to think right now. It looks like Wes was a spy at first…but he…

(Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Hamro pull back an arm, and she barely falls out of the way, to the ground. The hammer goes flying into the fire, where it explodes. Hamro laughs.)

Hamro: Once I kill you, nothing can stop the great Koopa Kingdom! Not even-

(Cel spins with her leg out, knocking Hamro to the ground. She jumps up, as Hamro throws a Hammer upwards. It hits her left knee cap. However, she gets a kick in, kicking Hamro square in the face. However, he grabs her leg, and pulls her down, as he gets up. He throws a hammer down, right at Cel’s face. She rolls out of the way. He jams a foot down right where her gut was. She rolls backwards, and leaps up, punching Hamro right in the face. He flies back, right into the stone wall. He crumples to the ground, his legs broken. Cel walks up.)

Celistar: I don’t know where Wes stands, but I know…you deserve to die.

(Hamro grins crookedly.)

Hamro: Fine. Kill me. But I’ll be a martyr. I almost stopped the great Cel from...

(But Cel isn’t listening. She turns back. The fire wall has died down. Kan rushes out, but Cel stops him.)

Celistar: Don’t kill him. He will live the rest of his life with broken legs. Let him lay there, until he is rescued.

(Kan stares, but nods. He saw the fight. Now he understands. Cel helps Toadbert up. She turns to Wes. He is still unconscious.)

Celistar: Kan. Take Wes. We need to get out of here.

Kan: But-


(Cel pauses, and starts up the stairs, helping Toadbert. They get to the top, Kan carrying Wes. They get to the massive Front Door, and are about to exit when-)

Ludwig: Stop.

(Cel turns slowly, Kan turns as well. Ludwig is pointing a gun at Cel’s forehead.)

Ludwig: So. Cel…her amazing…hehhzzz…rescue mission, coming to an end…but she didn’t count on…an actual ENCOUNTER.

Celistar: Actually, I just fought someone called Hamro.

Ludwig: Haha! But you were lucky! All the troops are in the back. If it was like it actually is…with the troops all over the castle…you wouldn’t have even gotten past the Lava Ring.

Celistar: …

Ludwig: Now then, with one press of my finger, the final threat to my new kingdom will be gone, and nothing will stop me. The world will be mine. The Mushroom Kingdom. THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM WILL BE MINE. Goodbye, daughter of Mari-

(THUNK. It is a dry, punching sound. Ludwig stares dreamily, and then falls. Behind him, Roy stands, his hand balled into a fist. He grins, and falls over dead. Ludwig is not dead, however. Cel stares, and backs away.)

Celistar: Let’s…let’s get out of here.

(Cel, Kan, and Toadbert run out, breathing heavily. They cross the drawbridge. They start walking across the dreary landscape. Kan is about to ask what they are going to do, when the sounds of a helicopter sound from the sky. The group looks up fearfully. But it is a Mushroom Copter. It lands, and a few Toad’s rush out, as well as Toadiko. She rushes to Cel.)

Toadiko: Princess! You…you are alive! Thank goodness…we were…looking everywhere…we-

Celistar: How did you know we were here? How-

(A gruff voice sounds from the copter)

Toad: Get them in here. It’s time to go. That Koopa and Toad need to be treated.

Toad 2: But a Koopa-

Toad: I don’t care what she says. That Koopa needs help…besides…we aren’t in the Mushroom Kingdom, right now.

(Toadiko smiles, and helps Toadbert in. Kan drops Wes in, and climbs into the copter. Cel stares behind her thoughtfully, and then gets into copter. It rises into the sky, and then silently heads to the east, into the rising sun.)

                                             END OF TOADBERT SAGA
                                             TO BE CONTINUED…?
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                                                                                      PHASE 28
                                                                           A Sickening Tongue Twister

                                                             (The Sun is rising in the sky, over a lone castle on a hill. Beneath lays Toad Town, and beyond that is Mushroom City. Even farther away is the Forever Forest. The land seems to lie in a state of gentle beauty. But-)

Toad Guard: Run! No! No-ARGHHHHH!

(Screams echo through Peach’s Castle. What looks like a gentle landscape on the outside, on the inside is a grisly bloodbath. Peach’s Castle is under attack. But not by Koopas. Nor Shy Guys. No, instead, a green monster roams through, killing his victims in a most disturbing fashion…ripping the lungs, heart, and stomach through the mouth. What beast could commit such horrid crimes? What could possibly-?)


(A scream interrupts his question. His friend has become Yoshi’s latest victim. His friend dies a painful death, of internal bleeding, a loss of a heart, and drowning in his own blood. Toad Guard 2 cries out, and falls to the floor, in pure terror. From a balcony overlooking the main foyer, a Toad watches. It has become apparent to the Toad that this is the same being that killed the Yoshi Chief. The pieces were starting to come together. Could this Yoshi have killed Mario-? No. The pieces are still shattered. Mario was killed by a strange weapon…not by a tongue. The Toad shakes his head…and gaining common sense again, runs away in fear. Three floors above, in her own room, Queen Peach is oblivious to the chaos going on in her own castle. She starts laughing to herself for no apparent reason. The Toad Guards near her throne have started to hear the strange screaming noises going on below…but the Queens orders are not to move. They sigh, and look down, waiting for Bowser to come and steal the Queen again, while they pointlessly try to protect her. I mean, who else could it be…?)

(Far away, flying over the Forever Forest is a lone Helicopter. Inside is a strange group. The famous Toad intellect, Toadbert lays on a collapsible bed, breathing desperately as he tries to tell the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Celistar what happened in Koopa Kastle. Nearby, a Squeek named Kan leans against the wall, watching Cel, while also keeping an eye on a Koopa, Wes, who is unconscious from a hit to the head by a hammer. A worried Toad, Toadiko, sits in the corner, watching Toadbert to make sure he is okay, while Toad Doctors rush around, trying to help Wes and Toadbert.)

Celistar: Wait…so you told them the only way into the castle?

Toadbert: No! No! It was…I was…I pretend I was insane. A torturer tried to give me something to fix my insanity, to tell the truth…but I wasn’t insane anyway…what I told them was a lie…the passage I told them of was blocked as well…heh heh.

Celistar: Then…but why did they keep you alive?

Toadbert: Actually…I don’t know…

Toadiko: What’s important is that you’re safe!

Toad 2: Hey, uh, what are we going to do with this Koopa when we get to the Castle? I mean…now that…

Toadiko: Well…we can keep him in here. Then drop him off in Tropix City. I doubt he’d want to go back to the Koopa Kingdom…

Toad: Maybe we should turn him into Peach’s Castle…

Toadiko: No! That-

Toad Pilot: Ey’! Make up yer minds! We’re almost to the Castle!

Celistar: Wow. It took us almost two weeks…

Toadiko: What were you even doing out there, Princess? It’s so dangerous…

Celistar: I already told you. I had to rescue Toadbert…

Toad: Eh, you should’ve left it to the Toad Guard.

Celistar: The Toad Guard! They can’t do anything!

Toad 2: We found you, didn’t we?

Celistar: How did you do that anyway? Hire another Shy Guy? (Sarcastic)

Wes: (Croaking) they are Heihos…

Kan: You! You dirty fiend! Awake! Tricking the princess…!

Wes: No…really, it wasn’t…

Kan: I should kill you now! I-

Cel: Be quiet Kan. Wes just tell me your side of this.

Toadbert: No, princess! The Squeek is right! That Koopa-

Cel: Just…shut up. Just say what you have to say Wes. This might be your only chance.

Wes: Yes…thank you…well…part of what Hamro said was true…I was supposed to lure you to the Castle…and trap you. But…I got too scared in the end. I didn’t want to do it. I thought you’d figure me out…kill me…I was supposed to meet you in Peach’s Castle…and convince you to save Toadbert…but instead, by an insane chance, I ended up going to a bar…getting thrown out and beaten…right when you and Penter were passing by. I could’ve gotten thrown out when you didn’t pass, or maybe you’d have passed at all, or most of all, you’d never even get out of the Castle. But you did…and Penter saved me…and I decided to try again. Get you to the Castle. So we went. But when Penter…disappeared…I wasn’t sure again, and told you I’d leave when we got to the Barren Lands. But…by then…I was starting to…like you. Like friends…so I stayed…and…that’s it…really…-

Toadbert: No! No, it isn’t! You-you were the servant of one of Bowser’s sons, what…what was his name…

Wes: (Sigh) Ludwig. Yes…I was a servant. We weren’t exactly friends…and when I refused to take part in his ridiculous plot…he looked for a way to get rid of me…without too much suspicion…he sent me on this quest…for even if I did manage to survive getting you to the Koopa Kastle, you’d almost certainly kill me when you found out I was a traitor there…

Celistar: …

Wes: Please, forgive me Cel. I didn’t even want to work for Bowser. They force us into the army at ten years old…and the things they show us to make us hate the Mushroom Kingdom…you don’t even know the kind of darkness the Mushroom Kingdom holds.

Celistar: I don’t know…I-

Toad Pilot: We’re here!

(The copter lands and the door opens. Cel steps out, and stretches her hands above her head. A few Toads’ get out, as well as Toadiko. Kan also jumps out.)

Toadiko: Aren’t you at least a little bit happy to be home, Princess?

Cel: Well…y-

(CRASH! High above, the stained glass window of Peach shatters, and a Toad’s head falls to the ground with a disturbing SPLAT, right in front of Toadiko and Cel. Toadiko looks queasy. Cel looks up determinedly.)

Celistar: Here we go.

(Cel runs for the Castle door. Kan runs after. The Toads simply stare in shock. Cel runs in, and up the grand stairs. When she gets to the second floor, she starts to hear the screams…now two floors above…right outside Peach’s room. Cel runs faster, jumping over dead Toad bodies. Kan has to zigzag, as he can’t jump high enough to get over the bodies. Cel runs up another set of stairs, through another room, and another set of stairs…the screams grow steadily louder. More bodies than ever. A set of doors wide open. Running in, and-)

(Peach’s Throne Room. Peach sits on her throne, her fingernails creepily long, and her hands lying over the side of her throne. She grins manically. Below her, two toad bodies lie, their organs lying on top of them. The Toad bodies are right in front of the most shocking part of the entire scene-Yoshi, THE Yoshi, his green skin mixed in a grisly red, dripping down his body. A pool of blood lies all around the scene. Peach looks straight at Cel. Her grin grows even longer.)


Cel: Mother…what the hell…

(Behind Cel, Kan rushes in, his lance drawn out. He stops, shocked as well.)


Cel: Mother…what the hell is wrong with you…what’s going on…why is…?

(Yoshi had set his eyes on Peach, but now he turns to Cel, his blood encrusted mouth opens and closes a few times as if trying to talk. A drop of blood drools out. And then Yoshi starts running. Cel stands shocked, and tries to back away, but she’s frozen. She doesn’t know why…she’s not scared…maybe she is…her mother’s insane…there is no way around it…)

(But as Cel as standing staring in a chaos of emotions, Peach leaps off her throne, in a incredible example of strength.)


(Peach leaps at Yoshi, and grabs the beast’s neck. Yoshi struggles, and kicks Peach in the stomach. Peach laughs, and tightens her hands, causing Yoshi to struggle further. He twists around, and Peach unleashes a hand…to stab her fingernails into Yoshi’s eyes. Yoshi shrieks out, and unleashes his tongue, right into Peach’s laughing mouth. Peach gags violently, but then grabs Yoshi’s head, and digs her fingernails into his brain. Yoshi screeches, and Peach laughs. Yoshi’s tongue drags out of Peach’s body, bringing out a plethora of organs. Peach violently rips out her fingernails, and falls to the ground, in a new pool of blood-her pool of blood. Yoshi falls to-but struggles and wiggles for a few moments, massive amounts of blood spilling out of his head. He finally dies, his blood merging with Peach’s. Cel stares in sickening horror…and then runs. She runs past the bodies, she jumps through the window, ignoring Kan’s calls of protest. She flies, along with the glass, cutting her. She falls into the moat, one inch farther, and she would have broken her neck on the side of the moat…she doesn’t even think about how lucky this is…instead she swims out…and runs. Down the hill…through Toad Town…past a Goomba, shouting about equal rights, past a Doogan complaining about Shy Guys…into the City…through the streets, into a back alley…and soon, she has no idea where she’s running to…just…somewhere else…

                                                   TO BE CONTINUED…

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                                                                                            PHASE 29
                                                                                      Dark Contemplation

                                                               (A Bar. A cheap, dirty bar, the same Wes was thrown out of, with nothing but a few stools and a serving table. Cel is staring at the top of the table, feeling sick. She ran for too long. And she’s felt for too long. The Server, an old Toad, is getting angry at the strange girl sitting with her head down. She is wasting serving space. He ignores the fact that there are only three people in the bar, the girl, him, and the odd figure wearing a cloak over his head. From the way the cloak cloth shifts, the figure is continually looking at the girl. The Bar Server shakes his head. Probably the killer everyone’s talking about. Looking for his next victim. It’s the not the servers problem. He’s had a bad day. Wouldn’t want to get on that guy’s bad side, anyway.)

???(Cloaked): Having a bad day, eh?

(Cel turns slowly, to stare at the figure. His cloak is obscenely dirty. She turns, and continues to stare at the tabletop.)

???(Cloaked): Aren’t you too young to be here?

Celistar: Shut up…and…and…get lost. Just-

(She swears that she remember saying that before. Oh yes…about three weeks ago…when-)

???(Cloaked): Did someone die?

(Cel turns slowly, much like a robot)

Celistar: Actually…YES. Someone DID die. Just about everyone I really knew. My father. My mother. The only people left are a lying Koopa and a mouse with a weird attitude. Oh yes, and a friend died too. Some Toad. BLOWN UP. Just…just…BLOWN TO DUST! Heh heh…

(Cel smiles crazily for a bit, as the figure reaches to take off his cloak.)

???(Cloaked): Are you sure he was blown up? Are you…

(The figure throws off the cloak. Underneath is a Toad with a scar…and now with a burn mark on the left side of his head.)

Penter: …sure?

(Far Away, in the distant, eastern land of Sub-Con, land of the Shy Guys, in between a large set of mountains, lays a small village…or, LAID a small village. Now, there is a field of dust, with pieces of burnt wood sticking out of the depressing landscape. Nothing moves there now…except for a figure on the very edge. Only the figures outline can be seen. )

???: What…ert…has happened here???

(The figure falls to the ground on its knees, staring at the tragedy. He has nothing more to say. Someone…or SOMETHING has stolen the words out of his mouth. But someone else has plenty to say…a television news program-the Kingdom Courier.)

Reporter: Today…on the Kingdom Courier…Queen Peach…found dead in her own castle, along with a Yoshi body. It appears that the mysterious serial killer has assassinated our kind Queen…this means that government now falls to…Princess Celistar. Once she finds a prince, she can become a Que-

(The program is turned off. It’s another power outage.)

Penter: A lot has happened, after we left, Cel. We’re halfway through fall. You probably didn’t notice while you were in those hot, northwestern lands. Also, a serial killer has been raging through our city…but you now know it was Yoshi…and your mother…or I mean, the Queen…has created…an interesting law…

(Penter frowns thoughtfully, as Cel looks around the city.)

Celistar: You know what’s strange…I don’t see any Koopas anymore…

(Penter closes his eyes.)

Penter: That…was the law. All the Koopas would be taken to the Castle Dungeons…and tortured for information about your whereabouts. Ever since they spotted Wes with us…

Celistar: Did…I…just…hear…what…

Penter: Cel…something happened to your mother, when that plane crashed. Something happened…to her mind.

Celistar: What are you saying…?

Penter: Cel…I know something happened to your mother…it might be hard to accept…but-

Celistar: OKAY. You want to know the truth about it? My mother…the QUEEN, said some very strange things, okay! And…and she killed Yoshi, too! Are you happy? She even said I was her meal! Is this funny enough yet?

Penter: No, Cel. That’s not what I wanted. I just wanted you to know…and accept…that…we are living…in darker times.

Cel: ...Yeah. Everyone’s dying.

Penter: No…something doesn’t feel right. Things seem…more…TWISTED…then in your father’s time. Something…dark…is going on.

Cel: What, darker then Bowser’s attacks?

Penter: Yes…darker then…Smithy…something truly bizarre is going on.

Cel: …

Penter: …I just wanted you to know what I was…thinking. Anyway…did you tell Wes…about…you know?

Cel: …No. I was going to tell him…but…there was never really any opportune time…

Penter: That’s…okay. I don’t think he would’ve believed you anyway.

Celistar: I didn’t believe you either…until things…got weird.

Penter: Heh heh. It was the same with your father…

Celistar: Yes…my father…that dream…

Penter: Hm…what? Did you say…dream?

Celistar: Yes…so?

Penter: What…what kind of dream? With your father?

Celistar: It…was…nothing.

Penter: Cel…sometimes, the spiritual world can be even more important than the real world. If…

Celistar: Really, it was nothing. Just…forget about it.

(Penter looks at her for awhile…but decides not to push any farther. Instead he stares off in another direction.)

Celistar: We’re heading back to the castle, aren’t we?

Penter: You can’t go and hide again, Cel. Your real life is waiting…

                                           TO BE CONTINUED…?

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                                                                                              PHASE 30
                                                                                         Library Adventure

                                    (Cel is sitting on a high throne, below her, Toads scream and cheer. “Princess! Princess!” The cheering gives her a headache. Outside, Mario’s replacement, a fat Toad, rolls down a hill, into a vat of mustard. The Kingdom is doomed. Already, an Airship appears, and fires from cannons, giant mushrooms with Mario’s face. As soon as they hit the ground, they bounce everywhere, laughing hysterically. One knocks over the vat of mustard, and the fat toad rolls out, right when another Mario Mushroom falls into the Toad’s mouth, choking him. The Toad screams, and vomits out the mushroom.  A rush of blood falls out of his mouth. An airship crashes right into the castle; and a shattered window pierces Kan, splitting him into bloody pieces. Cel runs through the crowd, and trips on her own dress, falling onto her face. Wes helps her up, kicks her in the face, making her fall, and then grabs her arm and fully pulls her up. She barely gets out of the castle when it blows up, Toad bodies go flying and a bucket of relish flies into the sky as well, it has an M on it, but as it falls over, it changes to a W. The relish lands on Cel’s head…too bad it’s actually thick acid. She falls to the ground, refusing to scream and then-)

(Cel wakes up. It was the same ridiculous dream she had had every night for the past three days. Except this time, the Mario-stars had become mushrooms. Was this dream something special-or random trash? Probably the latter. Cel gets up and looks into a mirror. Her hair is messed up again, from the dream. She doesn’t bother to fix it. Then she WOULD look like a princess. Cel looks out the window. Outside, the front grounds are clear…the last of the imprisoned. Cel wasn’t sure what was more disturbing. Seeing Mushroom Kingdom citizens running out screaming…or the thought that her mother had created this. Cel sighed. She had bigger problems to worry about…the weapon…what caused Yoshi to go insane…what to do with Kan and Wes…now that Cel thought about it, she was surprised that she had recovered so fast from her mother’s death…they weren’t exactly close…but shouldn’t she have still…cared more? Sure she ran crazily…but after learning that Penter was alive…she didn’t really seem to care anymore…)

(Cel throws some clothes on, and runs downstairs, ready for another bothersome day…oh look, here’s someone…)

Toad: Que-Princess Celistar! There is a peasant family waiting for your blessing! They-

Celistar: Just give them some gold! I’m busy!

Toad: But…um…

Cel: (Let’s see…who’s next to bother me…oh yes, Wes.)

Wes: Once again, thank you so much, for letting me stay, and please, I’m really-

Cel: YES! Whatever! I forgive you! Okay?!? Now I’m busy!

(Wes stares after her. Cel continues running, past more Toads {Why aren’t you wearing your royal dress?} until she reaches the Royal Library. Making sure nobody sees her; she slips in, and starts to rest. Nobody would expect her in the Library. They knew she was adventuresome…why would she go in the Library…but then…voices…Cel quickly hides behind a bookcase. She just wants to be by herself. But curious to see what the voices are, she quickly looks around the side. It’s a school class, visiting the castle…Cel finds that odd, considering that a large amount of crazed people were running out from the front of the castle…)

Teacher: …right here. See, we are just a tiny part of the large world…

Student 1: Ooh! Ooh! (Student raises hand)

Teacher: Yes?

Student 1: What…what’s off the edge of the map…I mean…what’s north of the…the…”Desert Wastes”…and what’s south of…

Teacher: Interesting question. North of the Desert Wastes…are more desert wastes…there’s nothing else…it goes on forever and ever. It is the same with the other borders. To the North-west is an endless expanse of Lava…South-East, an endless expanse of dream matter…to-

Student 2: (Yawn)

Teacher: Okay, Ryan. Since you seem to know about the geography of the world, why don’t you tell me what the three “Greater Kingdoms” are in our world?

Ryan: Uh…um…The Mushroom Kingdom.

Teacher: That’s one.

Ryan: Uh…er…

Student 1:  Ooh! Ooh!

Teacher: Do you know, Joey?

Joey: Yes! The other two are the Koopa Kingdom, and Sub-Con.

Teacher: Good! Honestly Ryan, you didn’t even include the Koopa Kingdom.

Ryan: Well…but Sub-Con…Sub-Con doesn’t even have Kingdom in its name!

Teacher: While it’s true that Sub-Con isn’t actually a Kingdom (It’s a Revolving Government), it is still recognized as the third largest government in the known world…and it’s easier to call them all Kingdoms. But honestly Ryan…now then, who can tell me about the four “Lesser Kingdoms”?

Joey: Ooh! Ooh!

Cel: (Sigh) they’re probably going to be here all day…now then…!

(Cel spots a window right behind her.)

Cel: Spirits know I need some fun.

(Cel opens the window, and starts to climb through. Behind her, the class group spots her.)

Teacher: Oh look! It’s Princess Celistar, of our fair Kingdom…climbing through a…window.

Celistar: Oh great.

(She says this to both the fact that the students have seen her…and that fall to the roof below is about eight feet. And she lands on her knee.)

Celistar: Ouch…[darn].

(Cel quickly gets up, runs, and jumps off the roof, landing smoothly into the moat water. She climbs out…sopping wet...onto the back lawn…right in front of Penter, who’s looking down disapprovingly.)

Penter: Celistar…I don’t know what to think. Perhaps I showed you too much of the world when we took our trip…honestly Cel…you can’t keep doing stuff like this.

Celistar: Don’t talk to me like that. (She gets up.) You’re the one who told me to test my luck and crap like that.

Penter: Yeah, well this is just plain idiocy. You are the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom…you are a representative of our way of life…AND our ruler and you’re-

Celistar: Look, I don’t want to be the ruler. You’ve struck me with this plague…called “Adventure”…I can’t get rid of it now…I want to go somewhere else now…

Penter: Cel…you are the princess, and future queen, and-

Celistar: Grr…Mario never had this problem! Mario…

Penter: No, Cel. He had that problem…more then you’ll ever realize.

(Cel snorts loudly, and starts to walk away.)

Celistar: Tell those obsessive that I’m just going to Toad Town…

Penter: WAIT! Don’t tell me you’re going to see those rallies that are going on…

Celistar: The discrimination rallies?

Penter: Please Celistar…I know you are strong…and lucky…but they are turning more and more violent every day. People are starting to die!

Celistar: Better sort that out then... (Cel starts running down the hill.)

Penter: No…blast it all! …At least let me come with you!

(Penter runs after her…just as, five days earlier then predicted…it begins to snow…)

                                            TO BE CONTINUED…?

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                                                             PHASE 31
                                                             Death Rise

                                                            (A chilly wind blows through Toad Town, as snow falls from the distant sky. Many Toads are heading home, hoping to get warm by fires. Yet others are heading towards the center, where a lively protest is sending out shockwaves of promised violence…)

Celistar: I swear Penter, you’ve changed…you’re more like this mouse…

Penter: Kan?

Celistar: How do you know him!? Kan’s been out on the eastern border...(insisting on guard duty…)

Penter: Wes told me about him.

Celistar: You’ve been talking with WES?

Penter: Yes. He told me everything about your adventure after I...was washed away…Cel…I’m sure you can trust him…his aura…it’s a force of good…

Celistar: You know how weird you sound right now? Do you honestly-

Penter: Everyone has an aura…some are just fainter then others…

Celistar: And how are YOU able to sense them?

Penter: Something…terrible happened…

Celistar: Something…terrible…?

Penter: It’s-LOOK OUT!

(Cel leaps out of the way, just as a flashing Bob-omb flies past her head, hits the stony ground, and explodes, sending pieces of stone and earth flying, a stone smashes into Penter’s leg, sending him to the ground.)

Celistar: What the hell was that?!?

(She then spots the nearby crowd, a mixture of Koopa’s, Goomba’s, and a few Shy Guys. They all seem to be circling around a single figure…but he seems to be too short to be seen…)

Celistar: That’s…that’s not a rally! It’s a freakin’ mob!

(Penter struggles up, leaning on his uninjured leg.)

Penter: Do you see the sense of this now? Let’s go back.

Celistar: No. We definitely need to put a halt to this. Why did they throw a bob-omb at us anyway?

Penter: Its part of their…demonstration…throwing bob-ombs all over the place…

Celistar: What kind of-?

Penter: Apparently, it’s part of their rally…to show their power…that they’re more than just weak nobodies…people still follow after that old stereo-type your father set up…I think many people have forgotten just how powerful Koopa’s can be…

Celistar: Whatever. (Cel walks right towards the crowd.) Move it! Who’s leading this?

Penter: Cel!

(Cel pushes through the crowd, knocking Koopas and Shy Guys out of the way. Goomba’s instinctively back away. Penter follows after, apologizing profusely…until he walks right into Cel, who’s stopped. She’s found the center. However, two Koopas shove her back.)

Celistar: Hey…ow!

Koopa: No one touches Zerek!

Celistar: That…Goomba?!? …Ouch! Get off!

(Cel elbows the Koopas in their faces, knocking them back. The crowd backs away slightly.)

Random Shy Guy: Hey…wait a second! That’s…that’s the princess!

Knocked-back Koopa: No she’s not! It’s some street punk who needs to be-

Celistar: Shut up! I’m not here to fight. I just want you to stop your…demonstrations! People could get hurt…with you throwing Bob-ombs everywhere!

Zerek: That’s what we’re trying to do.

Celistar: What?!?

(Zerek steps forward, to the dismay of his bodyguards.)

Zerek: Yes…you’re definitely the princess…and I’m going to tell you…the Toad’s of this town are discriminating against us…and we’re sick of it. So, we’re going to make sure they know what they’re dealing with…

Celistar: Look, I’m sure you’re having an unfair time, but-

Zerek: We want justice, and we want it NOW!

(The crowd starts to throb with an excited malice.)

Crowd: (Chanting) We want justice, and we want it NOW!

Celistar: C-Calm down!

Penter: Princess, you really should’ve left this to the Royal Guards…


Celistar: How can this mob follow this one Goomba-

Zerek: Capture them! We can use them as ransom!

Celistar: Just try!

(The crowd quickly encircles around Cel and Penter.)

Cel: We…we have to fight them off!

Penter: Cel! We can’t fight a whole mob!

Cel: Heh…heh (Weak laughter) You admit it’s a mob.

Penter: Uh oh…here they come!

Cel: Don’t…worry. We can handle them!

(Cel immediately punches a Shy Guy, spins around, and picks up a Goomba, throwing it into a Koopa. Soon, a huge fight has started. Cel jumps, punches, and spins around, while Penter ducks and punches. But after ten minutes…)

Celistar: (While continuing to fight) [darn] it…Penter! Aren’t there any guards around?

Penter: They probably can’t see us in the middle of this…and if they just see the mob…they won’t want to get into the fight…

Celistar: What kind of state is the kingdom falling to…?

Penter: Just…keep…fighting…

Cel: They’re not even trying to capture us anymore…they just want us dead…

Penter: We have to…break through…the-

(Penter doesn’t get a chance to finish. A Shy Guy smashes a club against the back of his head. Penter falls to the ground, unconscious.)

Cel: Penter!

(The Shy Guy grins in a grisly glee, and begins thrashing Penter with his club.)

Cel: Stop that!

(Cel runs at the Shy Guy and punches it in the back of the head. It falls to the ground. Just as Cel runs to Penter, another, unseen creature grabs her by the hair, and yanks her back. But Cel doesn’t struggle. She’s grown limp…her eyes have gained a yellow glow…her hair almost seems to snap away from the hands…and starts to float upward in the air…and now her feet are several inches off the ground. The crowd stares in amazement, as, in the back, Zerek sneaks away with several Koopas.)

Random Goomba: What…the…hell?

(Cel rises even farther in the air, and the crowd starts to back away. Almost instantaneously, an explosion of yellow light shoots out from all over Cel…and then…she looks down…her mind is back…but now, it is slightly twisted, into a malicious form.)

Celistar: You...will pay for what you have done…

(The crowd starts to run away, several people screaming. Cel raises a hand…and a shining ball of light slowly forms in her hand. She then lowers it…and a massive ray of power bursts out of her hand, blasting away a large part of the crowd. However, it also causes a house to explode, causing rubble to fall from the sky. Cel begins to form another ball…but her body violently quivers…and she falls to the ground…next to Penter, both of them unconscious. The crowd is too scared to go near now…they run away, into the snow covered streets. Already, the snow has begun to pile up on Cel…and Penter’s…bodies…

                                              TO BE CONTINUED…

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Update! The second saga becomes more clear...

                                                                                  PHASE 32
                                                                      Dawn of the Second Horizon

                                                             (Cel…running through the castle…but…)

Celistar: I’m…I’m sick of this! I…hate this dream! I want-

???: It doesn’t matter what you want, Cel.

(From out of the sinister shadows of the castle, a cloaked man sneaks out…or he tries to. But he’s right in front of Cel.)

Celistar: I can see you. Don’t…don’t even try to sneak away.

???: I know. I know you can see me. All the better. I couldn’t hide forever.

(The figure fully stands up…it’s one of the ten same characters in her dreams…cloaked…and with a eldritch Mario mask covering their faces.)

Celistar: Who are you…who are your friends…why do you wear my father’s face on your masks?

(The character spins around Cel, silently, with perfect ease.)

???: Cel…if I answered your questions…you’d just have more. And more. And more. And more. And more. AND MORE. AND MORE. AND MORE.

(Six more of the figures appear, around Cel, continually chanting. Cel closes her eyes, and leaps out at the original figure. It doesn’t react. She smashes into it, and its mask flies off, falling into an endless gloom. Cel opens her eyes…and sees the face of the masked one.)

Celistar: …Penter?!?

Penter: I’m sorry Cel…I should have told you. I was the one who killed your father. I stabbed him through the face…over and over.

Celistar: You…no! He was…hit…by that…weapon…

Penter: Hee hee hee.

Celistar: This…this is just…

(The other six figures circle around Penter and Cel. They spin around, faster and faster.)

Penter: Hee hee hee.

Celistar: What’s…what’s that noise…?

(From nowhere in particular, a loud, piercing screaming noise comes from nowhere. It grows louder, and louder.)

Celistar: Stop it…stop it! STOP THAT NOISE!

(Cel rises in the air…and then explodes into a cloud of smoke. Everything else melts.)

Wes: Cel…Cel! Wake up. Wake up!

Penter: Quiet Wes! I told you…she has to-

(Cel instantly snaps up…a crazed look in her eyes. Wes jumps back in surprise. Kan, who was leaning on a pillar in the back, looks up, surprised. Penter just frowns.)

Penter: -sleep.

Wes: Cel…are you okay?

Celistar: Yes…I’m…just great. Penter…what happened?

Penter: … (Sigh) Some guards found us…buried in snow. I’d say we were…very lucky. They carried us back…but Cel…there is a strange rumor spreading throughout Toad Town…that…

Celistar: …Yes?

Penter: …Nothing. Just…strange rumors…

Cel: …

Kan: Thank goodness you are awake. I was worried after hearing about that mob…

Wes: Already, many of the Royal Guard have gone out in search of this “Zerek”…and his mob.

Cel: That’s…wait. Kan…I thought you were out on the eastern border…?

Kan: Er…yes. I took an airship back when I heard of the mob…I wasn’t sure if you’d be okay this…time.

Cel: … (Annoyed)

Kan: But actually, there was this strange fellow asking for Princess Celistar of the Mushroom Kingdom…

Cel: Who…? (Cel leaps out of the bed.)

Kan: Don’t be so hasty! I told him you’d be ready tomorrow…

Cel: No. I was getting bored…maybe…

Wes: Cel…you’re not talking about another…

Penter: Cel, be serious, it’s just some unimportant…Ahh! Come back!

(Cel runs out. Kan and Wes run after. Penter sighs after a moment, and then comes after. Celistar runs right into the waiting figure.)

???: ERT!!!

Cel: Ow!

(Both fall to the ground. Predictably, Celistar gets up first.)

Celistar: Oh, I’m sorry, I-!!! You?!?

Jonas: Yes, Princess. For one, fateful week, I was hired by the, ert, previous queen to find you. Everyone thought you would probably…ert…die…but instead, it was the queen who perished…ert.

Celistar: Yes…I saw you…right before that…bomb…went off…

(Suddenly, Wes and Kan rush in, and stop right before crashing into Cel. Jonas steps back in surprise.)

Jonas: You! You’re that…ert…Koopa!

Wes: Who…me? Why…you’re…that Shy Guy!

Jonas: Heiho…Yes, well, ert, no matter, I have to come to request assistance from you, princess…

Kan: Wait wait wait. What makes you think the PRINCESS of the MUSHROOM Kingdom would help a single Shy Guy?

Jonas: …Heiho…Because Sub-Con is in dire need of help…ert.

Celistar: What’s…going on?

(Penter, who had been listening most of the time steps out of the shadows.)

Penter: Wait Cel! Whatever that Heiho is going to say, Sub-Con is an entirely different kingdom from ours. The situation is probably dangerous, and after what happened RIGHT in the middle of Toad Town…

Celistar: Something happened to you Penter…you’re…too protective…now. You were right before…I have some kind of strange power…and I need to use it. Now tell me what is happening, Jonas.

Penter: …

Jonas: Thank you, Princess Celistar. As you may know, Sub-Con is, ert, not truly a Kingdom…but actually a Revolving Government. Every 10 years, the group ruling…ert…Sub-Con, switches with another group. Since most of the politics with the groups are the same, there is usually no problem…but now, a strange, ert, disturbing group has appeared from nowhere. A group proclaiming themselves as the Blood Mask Clan. They have been ravishing Sub-Con, forcing Heihos and immigrants into their clan by force. Since they are still, ert, similar to a small army, they have only been targeting small villages. It is easier to recruit villagers, and then also easier to, ert, burn the villages down. I came back to my Village of Blue River, to find it totally ravished. At this, ert, rate, the Blood Mask Clan will likely be able to start to take on the cities of Sub-Con easily. And they will surely be able to force the current government leaders, the Aite-Bitt Group, from their place. Please…

Celistar: Sub-Con…

Penter: Cel, you can’t! You’re the princess of the-

Jonas: Please…once the Blood Mask Clan takes over, their next target will likely be Sarasaland…after that, they will attempt to overthrow the Mushroom…ert…Kingdom. I wouldn’t have asked you, ert, but I know…and have heard, that you are strongest in your Kingdom, ert.

Celistar: I…

Penter: Please Cel…

Celistar: Penter…Sub-Con needs help…perhaps my help…perhaps someone else’s…but I have to try…

Kan: …

Celistar: That’s it. I’m leaving in two days.

Penter: What-!

Jonas: Thank you, ert, Princess! You will need a guide, and I-

Celistar: But-

Jonas: I…know a few fighting skills. I was chosen as your, ert, rescuer, after all.

Wes: Cel…I have to renew your trust in me…I’m going to come with you.

Penter: Cel…

(Evening hits. Outside, the snow blows in a chilly fury…)

                                             TO BE CONTINUED…

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                                                                ARTICLE 2
                                                           The Old Storybook

                                                           (Midnight. Cel gets out of bed. Outside, the wind continues to howl, threatening to uproot trees. Cel walks downstairs, and into the main hall. No one is there. Everyone is asleep...including the two guards of the door. Cel walks into the library. There are no lights on. By clear memory alone, Cel walks along an aisle…into a corner of the library. Sitting down against a shelf, she pulls a book out of it, and takes a flashlight from her pocket…)

                                                           “A long, long time ago, when the world was young, no one lived in the land, except for simple creatures, creatures that could not think for themselves, and could not communicate. But then, upon the eastern sea, a ship seemed to rise out of the water, a ship that had traveled from a far away land. The ship was filled with all manners of creatures…Toad, Koopa, Heiho, Goomba, Human, and others…

                                                            They came upon the land, with cloaks woven with unknown material. Their stance was sacred. The land they walked upon was blessed with a magical fortune. Even more, a destined fortune. And after them came more of their kind…and they took the land for themselves. They made the world theirs. But the groups split up, and they each went their own way. The Toads took the great Central Land, and the Koopas took the Western Crafted Land, and the Heihos took the Eastern Mystic Land. The North and the South was agreed to be split into pieces, so that everyone had a fair piece, of where they had docked after their journey, and the south, for its future importance. The other creatures spread themselves among the Kingdoms. Everyone shared and was happy.

                                                           The End.”

                                                      (Cel stared at the last sentence for a long time. She closed her eyes and shut the book, and walked away.)

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                                                       PHASE 33
                                                  Strange Awakening


Cel: Get up. Come on. It’s time to go.

Wes: Whazz-?

Cel: You wanted to come right? I’m leaving. Now.

Wes: But…we’re leaving in two…days…

Cel: That was a lie. Penter won’t be able to stop us if he doesn’t know we leave tonight.

Wes: Stop…wait, what?

Cel: Come on, we’ve got to get that Shy Guy…

Wes: (Isn’t it Heiho?) And, uh, Kan?

Cel: Yeah. Yeah, you go wake him up. And meet me in the Great Hall.

Wes: Er…okay.

Cel: And stay QUIET.

(Cel swiftly turns, and disappears into the darkness. Wes stares after her, and then hurries on his way.)

Wes: She…sure has changed…

(Wes walks down a hall, and then into Kan’s room. But Kan isn’t asleep. A light is on, and he’s sitting on the bed…)

Wes: Ah! Uh, you surprised me. I thought you’d be asleep…

Kan: No. I can’t sleep. …What do you want?

Wes: Oh…Cel is leaving with that Heiho…and me. We’re leaving tonight, and since you’re pretty strong…

Kan: I’m not coming.

Wes: Why?

Kan: I can’t tell you. I can’t tell anyone, but I can’t go to Sub-Con.

Wes: You’ve been on the border, GUARDING the border, and-

Kan: Yes, but I will not go deep into the jungles of Sub-Con. I will not climb waterfalls, with falling, tumbling logs. I will not, and cannot.

Wes: But, but-

Kan: Leave…and tell Celistar I’m sorry. I will find Zerek while she is gone. I will make the Mushroom Kingdom safe again…

(Wes leaves Kan talking to himself. Wes sighs, and walks down a huge staircase. Cel is looking towards the door. Jonas looks tired, but nervous (like most of the time). Cel turns around abruptly, and frowns.)

Celistar: Where’s…?

Wes: He uh…said he couldn’t come…

 Celistar: What?

Wes: He said he won’t come…and then he told me to leave.

Celistar: Okay…Fine. We can’t wait for anyone…Time to go.

(They all leave through the door. From a corner, Kan watches in silence.)

Kan: Good luck…Cel…

(Outside the castle. A little after midnight.)

Celistar: This time, I head east…

Jonas: Ert…yes. Well, southeast…

Celistar: Let’s get down this hill, and then-

Wes: Wait,wait,wait! We don’t have any supplies! We can’t just wander into the jungles of Sub-Con without-

Celistar: We’re not going to take anything. It’s…part of…my…training…

Wes: What?

Celistar: It doesn’t matter, it’s just-

Wes: It DOES matter! We NEED to eat! We NEED to drink! We can’t-

Jonas: What…ert…Wes says is true, we can’t just-

Cel: Whatever we find that is free…we can take. You can come if you want to, or not, Wes. But I’m leaving now.

Wes: I…I…Cel…gah…I’m coming, I’m coming…

(They travel down the hill, Jonas staying quiet. Far off, in the southern distance, the snow covered grass shakes violently…and the creator of the new weapon treks across the snow…from an unknown place, to an unknown destination…)

(Far to the northwest, lies Koopa City…within is chaos...Koopas and various other creatures run around, gunshots, car crashes, bob-ombs thrown everywhere. Inside a building, deep underground, something awakens. Its eyes open, and it frowns thoughtfully. Another being, a Koopa, walks in, and gasps.)

Koopa Professor: You’ve…awakened?

???: Ahhh…

(The being steps out of its tube, mucus-like liquids dripping off of it.)

???: Ahhh…the air…I forgot its taste…

Koopa Professor: You…you’re Malpix?

Malpix: Mmm…yes. It…has been 80 years?

Koopa Professor: Yes…ahh…we had forgotten…

Malpix: Forgotten? Of my awakening? How could you…forget?

Koopa Professor: There…have been things…happening.

Malpix: So important…that I was forgotten?

Koopa Professor: The…Koopa King, Bowser, has been mysteriously killed, and various political parties are fighting for the throne…there is chaos everywhere.

Malpix: Bowser…? Is he a son of Kajck?

Koopa Professor: No…he was the grandson of Kajck, son of Morton…

Malpix: How…what is happening? Why are the Koopa Kings dying so soon…? Take me out of here. Take me to the castle. I shall sort these things out.

Koopa Professor: Our reports indicate that it is much too dangerous to-

Malpix: Your reports do not matter. My purpose is about to bloom into a black, poisonous flower…

(The Koopa-like creature starts to lurch towards the open doors, breathing with difficulty. His hooked hands scratching the stone wall…)

                                                TO BE CONTINUED…

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Great story. I can't wait to find out what that mysterious trance thing is that Cel does (that thing where she rises off the ground and her hair changes colors..)
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Great story. I can't wait to find out what that mysterious trance thing is that Cel does (that thing where she rises off the ground and her hair changes colors..)

Thank you! I was wondering if people were reading this...

                                                                 PHASE 34
                                                         A Vicious Piece of Mind

                                                             (From a great distance, the Shivering Mountains stood out as a brown, jagged background. But in reality, much of the higher parts of the mountain were a freezing landscape that would chill the bone. Fortunately, travelers did not have to cross the higher parts of the mountains…they could cross through the DK Pass, which despite popular belief, stood for Dalka Krai…)

Wes: Oh no. What is THAT in the distance?

Jonas: Erm, ah. Those are the Shivering Mountains. They cover much of the western part of Sub-Con, and provide a natural border with the Mushroom Kingdom.

Wes: Shivering?

Celistar: Yeah, it’s probably cold.

Jonas: Ah, only the top is cold. The rest of it is just rough, erm, rock.

Wes: We’re going to have to climb over a mountain? Can’t we go AROUND?

Jonas: Ah, no. If we attempted to go around the, erm, south, we would have to cross the Glare Desert, which is much too deadly. The heat is only rivaled by, erm, northern Sarasaland. And traveling to the north of the mountians would take much too long.

Wes: Climbing a mountain will be quicker?

Jonas: No, but we can take DK Pass. It cuts right through the mountains, and crosses over into the Otapuku Meadows.

Wes: Oh.

Celistar: So stop complaining.

Wes: …

Jonas: Erm…Princess Celistar…you seem to be in a rather bad, erm, mood…

Celistar: It’s not a bad mood. I’m just starting to see things more clearly now.

Jonas: …Ah, anyway, we’ll first need to get across the Melkor Hills, and the Pass is to the southeast.

Cel: Yes. We can stop by old E.Gadd’s place on the way there.

Wes: Ah! We could get an airship there…

Cel: He stopped building those years ago, ever since the Bel-Nierra Wars.

Jonas: Erm, I’m not sure if that’s true, I saw some in erm, Toad Town…

Cel: Some people build illegal mini-airships.

Jonas: Ah, oh…

Celistar: In any point, Elvin can give us some supplies…

Wes: Taking back your decision, eh?

Celistar: (Sigh)…

(The sun rises, and nearly ten miles away, Mushroom Castle shines in the morning light…yet…)

Penter: Where…are…THEY?

Toad Guard: I’m sorry sir; the princess, the Koopa, and the cloaked being are gone.

Penter: Is there no trace of them?

Toad Guard 2: No sir. I saw them all talking yesterday, but I didn’t know…

Penter: Urgh…you…idiot…!


Penter: I…!...!!!


Penter: Murgh…!!!

Toad Guard: Um, sir? Are you okay?

Penter: I…I…yes. Yes. No…no problems. Find her immediately. Question the people in town, and…

Toad Guard 2: Sir…there was another with them that is now missing…the mouse…Kan…I believe…he was called…

(A third Toad Guard appears)

Toad Guard 3: Kan? The Squeek? He left an hour ago. He headed west…

Penter: West…? West…


Penter: AH…!

Toad Guard 2: Sir?

Penter: GET OUT OF MY FACE! Find that [darn] mouse and torture him until he says something! If he says he knows nothing, torture him until he dies! And send another group after that princess!

Toad Guard: Sir, I’m sorry, but I don’t know if you are truly in the correct rank to make these orders-

Penter: DO YOU KNOW NOTHING? With the queen and the princess gone, I am in authority as the King’s Advisor (or I was…)…now find them!

(The Toad Guards, although highly suspicious, leave quickly. Penter falls back…into the throne…and faints away into a dream.)

(It is an odd dream. In it, Penter wakes up in the Forever Forest, next to a river. He is burned from some kind of explosion. He crawls along into the woods, and slowly manages to get up. He heads east, unsure of where he is going, forgetting that he should be finding Princess Celistar. Instead he finds a cave. A warm blow of air is coming from it. Penter crawls inside. Indeed, it is warm, but he is not alone. Some other odd presence inhabits the cave. But it may not be a physical one. Penter crawls in deeper. The air gets warmer…)

                                     TO BE CONTINUED…

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                                                                             PHASE 35                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                            Ancient Evils             


(It was a nice enough day. The clouds seemed a little higher, and the sun was shining through the clouds. But something was about to change it entirely for Professor Kalbierd…)

(Kalbierd was experimenting with the properties of the element Niexbium when the scientist burst in, out of breath…)

Koopa Scientist: Professor! –Gasp- The, the-

Kalbierd: Quiet. Calm down. And if the situation is as serious as you seem to be showing, Malcom, then I need to put away my chemicals before you-

Koopa Scientist: The-the-the Lambda experimental tank has…has opened!

(Kalbierd had no time to put away the chemicals. They drop from his hands and shattered on the floor, the Niexbium quickly soaking into the floor. Kalbierd swears loudly, from both the revelation, and the chemical  loss.)

Kalbierd: I…told you not to tell me…before…

(Kalbierd attempts to calm down, and it actually works.)

Kalbierd: Malcom, that can’t be true. We all know that the Lambda experiment was...was realized to have failed years ago…

Malcom: Yes, but, but…Malpix is alive! The experiment may have failed, but Malpix has survived…into some kind of deformed creation…

Kalbierd: Don’t say that name! Can he even think?

Malcom: Yes…he demands we let him go to the Castle…Zeke let out that many of the generations of the royalty are dying…

Kalbierd: Argh…Zeke, you idiot…You have to ambush…HIM…and let him think you’re taking him to the castle. You have to kill him when he’s not paying attention…

Malcom: But Professor…wasn’t it an order of King Kajck that Malpix-

Kalbierd: You fool! Kajck is dead, and the only survivor from his family is two of Bowser’s sons…and their attempt to keep control of Koopa Castle will soon fail. The political armies are too powerful, no matter what those idiots think. They probably don’t even know of the Lambda Project, nor Malpix.

Malcom: Okay…okay. But…is it truly possible to kill Malpix? He still-

Kalbierd: You have to try. If he reaches the surface…and if the rumors are true of the odd new weapon that killed Mario in one shot…It will be devastation. Kill Malpix, and quickly…

Malcom: Yes…yes, sir…

(Everything fades to black, and a TV broadcast is now shown, the Koopa News Network…)

Announcer: Tonight, on KNN…the Kingdom is in near chaos. It has been confirmed that King Bowser Sr. is truly dead, along with six of his children. Now, only the eldest prince Ludwig and an unknown other is with him in the castle. Several political groups are now attempting to take over the castle, and become the rulers of the Koopa Kingdom. However, Prin-er, Ludwig is claiming to have the mysterious weapon rumored to have killed the superstar, Mario of the Mushroom Kingdom…

(Announcers voice slowly fades away, and suddenly, without warning, Penter’s dream continues…)

(Inside the cave are several strange markings. Ancient people once lived here. Now, there is just an odd feeling of a powerful presence. But Penter is too tired to notice. He falls down, and falls asleep, and from somewhere deeper in the cave comes a terrible force, a thing to truly be feared…and it enters Penters dreams…)

(For the next two minutes, everything goes black, and the only sound is a odd, screeching noise…)

                                            TO BE CONTINUED…         

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Nintendoobsessed, you are inspirational. I can only hope this story won't fall like Mario's Crowbar did.
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