A Little Insight on Super Mario
Fan fiction by PowerShoes

The following text was put together from a few sources. Those are The games, The Manuals, and my own mind to fill in some gaps which seem to be a lot. Some of the story lines for certain games I changed a little too so it would fit in better with all the others.

MagiKoopas have the ability to see into the future. A powerful MagiKoopa, Kamek, saw that two brothers with moustaches would one day overthrow and destroy the Koopa Empire. Knowing that he must stop this Kamek went to go kidnap the twin brothers as they were being delivered by the stork to their parents. Kamek went and did this and when he returned he realized he only grabbed one of the babies and dropped the other. As little Baby Mario fell to his doom, he luckily fell on to the back of a Green Yoshi who was taking a walk around Yoshi Island. Confused and not sure what to do, the Yoshi took Baby Mario back to hisv illage to show the other Yoshies, unaware that Kamek had sent out his armies to find the lost Baby. The other yoshies where just as confused as the Green Yoshi about what to do with the child until Baby Mario jumped (Mario's first jump! Ahh..) onto Green Yoshi's back and started to point. The Yoshies figured maybe the kid had some kind of sense of where to go, and since they had no better plan, the whole Yoshi Clan journeyed in the direction of Baby Mario's finger. As the Yoshies' journey went on they found out that Kamek and the Koopas where after Baby Mario and where doing everything in their power to try and stop them. But the Yoshies kept on going until they reached the Castle of the Koopas where they met the Koopa Clan's future leader, Baby Bowser. After getting into a rumble with him, twice, the Yoshies freed the Kidnapped Stork and little Baby Luigi and then waved good-bye as the Stork finished his delivery.

The Parents of these two twins loved them dearly but where always afarid after the Koopa Troop threatened their kid's lives. They knew there was only one thing they could do so these kids could grow up safely. They sent them to our world (Earth) to live and grow away from the danger of the Koopas. The brothers ended up in Italy where they lived for a few years and then they moved to Brooklyn, USA.

Life was good for the brothers in Brooklyn and as they grew older they went into the demolition business. Breaking down walls and blowing stuff up was just something that they where good at doing. But after a while they got bored with it and decided that instead of blowing up buildings, they wanted to make them.

The construction bussiness was pretty good and Mario even got himself a girlfriend named Pauline. One day while on the building site Pauline came by to have lunch with him. The two ate and chatted with the radio playing in the background. They heard that a rather large gorilla had escaped from the Brooklyn Zoo and was now running around the city. Mario made a few jokes about this and when he looked over a huge gorilla was climbing a unfinshed building with Pauline over his shoulder. Mario sprung into action and chased after them as the gorilla threw what ever he could get his hands on at Mario. Finally after going up four stories on this building Mario yanked out all the nails holding the middle of a platform together and sent the gorilla falling to the ground. Mario saved his Pauline and throw the gorilla, Donkey Kong, in a cage.

Donkey Kong's son, JR, sensed that his father was in trouble as Mario took Donkey Kong to the Jungle to kill him. JR somehow escaped from the Brooklyn Zoo (runs in the family) and went to go rescue his father. Mario noticed that this small gorilla was trying to mess up his killing plans so he whipped gators to chase after him. That didn't work. He whipped birds to drop eggs on him. That didn't work. He whipped gators and birds to work together in order to protect the keys for Donkey Kong's cage that he had dropped and where now caught on chains. That didn't work and JR freed his father. Seeking revenge Donkey Kong chased Mario away and him and his son started a new life in the jungle.

Tired of all the trouble of construction Mario and Luigi went into the plumbing business. All was well until they got a job from the Brooklyn Major asking them to check out why turtle like critters and some other strange critters where coming out of the sewer pipes. Mario and Luigi went down and defeated most of the turtle looking monsters and finally found the main source from where all these monsters were coming from, A huge green pipe. Not knowing where it would lead to the brothers jumped inside. The two brothers suddenly where falling from a gray sky and landed in front of Bowser who was now all grown up and in charge of the Koopa Troop. Bowser laughed at the sight of what was supposed to be the people who where going to defeat the Koopa Troop and shoot a few flames of fire at Mario and Luigi, but both of them dodged it, and knocked Bowser to the ground as they ran off. Trying to get back home they jumped in what looked like the same pipe but instead of exiting to a sewer they wound up in a kingdom full of Mushroom Houses and Mushroom People. The two brothers had no idea what to expect from these beings so they walked up to one woman who looked like she was in her fourties or fifties. The women's eyes got huge as she noticed Mario and Luigi's trademark hats and hugged them both unable to belive that her children had returned home. She told them that they where her children and showed them a few pictures of them as babys. Mario and Luigi couldn't belive their eyes as they stared at the photos with the babies and the hats they were wearing. The women then told them about the Koopa Troop and how they were always trying to take over their hometown, The Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario and Luigi meet the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, and learned the ways of life there as protecters of the land. One morning Mario woke up to a very quiet kingdom. Usually their was always something going on but this morning was complete silence. Mario woke up Luigi and walked down the road noticing all these floating blocks in the air and more trees then usual. When they got to Peach's Castle a ransom note was pinned on the door saying that the Koopa Troop had Kidnapped Peach and turned everyone else expect them into different objects. The two brothers were mad about this and set off to go after Bowser. One their way they ran into a lot of strange monsters and yellow blocks with question marks on them. While going to stomp on a Goomba, Mario hit his head against one of the Question Blocks and a Magic Mushroom hit him and he doubled in size. Amazed, he hit another Question Block, grabbed the flower that popped out and started shooting fire! Knowing about the power-ups now, Mario and Luigi had a slight advantage and knocked Bowser out of his castle saving Peach and restoring the lives of all of the kingdom's citizens.

After their first adventure Mario and Luigi became great friends with Princess Peach and her servant Toad, a mushroom person. One night, while taking a snooze, Mario dreamed of a cave with voices calling for help because of a evil spell casted over their land. When Mario woke up the next morning he told his pals about the dream but they just said that this heroing stuff was going to his head, but Mario wouldn't stop talking about it. Annoyed, Peach decided that she would get this dream off of Mario's mind by dragging him, Luigi, and Toad on a picnic. Two hours later, about noonish, the friends sat eatting and chatting when Mario suddenly got up and walked inside of a nearby cave. The other three friends (Peach, Luigi, and Toad) went a followed him into the cave wondering where he was going. When they caught up Mario was on top of a huge stair case looking at a red door. Finally caught up with the plumber in red overalls the friends stood behind Mario as he opened the door and the world of Sub-Con came into view. The four friends jumped in and found out from the ShyGuys, Who wore red robes and white masks covering what they looked like totally, that Sub-Con was being taken over by Bowser's cousin, Wart. Going through Wart's army of ShyGuys, Mousers, and other mighty foes, they finally met up with Wart himself, forced him to undo the curse set on Sub-Con, and then kicked him out. The citizens danced and sang as they teleported the heroes back to the Mushroom Kingdom in the middle of the night placing them all in their beds sound asleep.

With some free time on his hands Bowser got a girlfriend and while Mario was saving Sub-Con, Well, he "did the Wild Koopa Dance" with her if you catch my drift. From that "Dance" came seven little Koopalings. Since his girlfriend had served her usefulness he fed her to a pack of Goombas (i's the way he is, what can I say?) and had a Magikoopa cast a spell on the seven Koopalings to age them to about the ages of about eight and nine. He then gave his children airships and gave them all areas to take over. He told them the best way to do this would be by taking the ruler of that area's magic wand and using it against them. With this info the Koopa Kids were off and everything was going nicely for Bowser. Back in the Mushroom Kingdom a messenger ran through the streets and into Peach's Castle. He told her about the troubles of kingdom called Grass Land and how they needed the Mushroom Kingdom's famous Mario Bros to take out Larry Koopa, who was flying around in his air ship over Grass Land. Mario and Luigi were off and they took out Larry Koopa sending him home to Papa. When Mario and Luigi went and returned the wand the Koopa Kid had stolen the King handed them a letter from Peach. She told them in it that another Kingdom was having the same problem. So they went over to that kingdom and sent another Koopa Kid home to Papa. Again, they got another letter from Peach saying the same thing the last letter did. 6 Kingdoms later, when they went to return the seventh magic wand to the seventh ruler they saved he handed them another letter. Expecting it to once again say where to go they jumped with a surpirse. While Mario and Luigi where running around saving everyone Bowser had kidnapped Peach and had her locked up in his dungeon, which was in his castle, which was inside Dark Land. Mario and Luigi ran to Dark Land and after facing tanks, more airships, and other delights they meet up to Koopa. Unlike last time though, Bowser was harder to defeat and had put on a few pounds (hey, having kids does that to a person don'tcha know). Finally, Mario tricked Bowser into breaking a hole in the floor and defeated the evil koopa once again.

Needing a break from Mario, Luigi went on vacation for a little while leaving Mario as the only Mushroom Kingdom protecter. While relaxing with Peach watching Mushroom Kingdom TV they saw a news flash come on the screen saying that Princess Dasiy had been taking prisoner by a group of aliens from another planet. Peach jumped when she heard this and told Mario that Daisy was a very important ally and that he had to go save her. So, Like usual, Mario was on his way to go save the day. Mario traveled to through many different areas, land and sea, and then realized that the only way to face this alien foe was to "borrow" (as Mario liked to put it) a bi-plane and fly up to this Alien's ship. This Mario did and blasted this alien and his army off his planet and saved Daisy.

As Mario walked back to the Mushroom Kingdom after his journey saving Princess Daisy he was greeted by an odd looking fellow wearing Purple overalls, a yellow shirt, and a yellow hat with a W on it. Mario, confussed by what looked like a messed up verson of himself, looked at the stranger as he told him that someone had taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and was hiding out in Peach's Castle. He also told him that this foe also had Peach locked up and locked the entrance with the power of six golden coins that were now throughout the land hidden and being guarded. When Mario asked the stranger who was behind all of this he gave a grin and said "Me, Wario!" and knocked Mario down running back to the castle laughing. With that little encounter taken place Mario started searching for the golden coins. Soon enough, Mario found the coins and ran into Peach's castle kicking Wario out of the Mushroom Kingdom and saving the day again.

Luigi finally returned home from his vaction but then joined Mario and Peach on their's to Dinosour Island. They figured they needed one since that battle with Wario, and the two with Bowser, and that one they had with Wart. Laying back in the sun, sipping on Berry Juice, and getting a tan, the two brothers and the princess where having a blast on this island until afternoon. While Mario and Luigi left the princess behind to go look for some food Bowser's Troops came and kidnapped Peach. When the brothers returned they started to freak out when they couldn't find their beloved princess. That's when they noticed a rather large green spotted egg lying on the floor. Luigi walked over to the egg and right as he looked down at it a green yoshi jumped out. Both Luigi and Mario jumped back from the sight of this strange looking dinosour (dragon?) and were very surpirsed when it began to speak. It told them that a clan of Koopas had trapped a bunch of his friends in eggs and that he also was captured by Bowser. He also said that while in the egg he over heard them kidnapping a woman. Mario and Luigi joined Yoshi in the search for Peach and the Missing Yoshies. As they searched the land of Dinsour Island they ran into (and defeated) lots of familiar faces, Like the Koopa Kids, Reznors, and, of course, Goombas. Finally, while searching the plans of Chocolate Island they noticed the tip of what looked like a destoryed Airship like Bowser used on them last time. That was what lead them to Bowser's new castle (funny how many of these he builds, isn't it?) and that lead them to Bowser. Once again Mario and Luigi (Yoshi was waiting outside) fought Bowser and got him off Dinosaur Island saving Peach and Yoshi's friends.

All was quiet for a while and Peach thought it would be nice to bake a cake for her hero Mario. All was going good for her until Bowser dropped by the castle, had his Magikoopas cast a spell on the paintings that hanged on the wall, and trapped Peach in the stained glass above the front entrance of her castle. The main source of all this powerful magic that Bowser was using? Power Stars - magical star shaped jewels that where in the royal family for years. They were so top secret that when Mario got there he had no idea what happened. As he walked into the castle of Peach he bumped into Toad who was running back and forth. When Mario asked where Peach and this cake was he told him what happened and how the only way to free Peach was to get back the Power Stars. Determined to get a cake, and of course the princess, Mario adventured into the painting worlds of where the Power Stars lay. After finding all 120 Stars, Mario freed Peach and all the Mushroom Citizens from the Magikoopa's spell and Mario finally got his cake.

What new adventures lay forth for Mario? Plenty more I'm sure. I guess we'll just have to wait a little bit longer for Mario's next quest to come into our hands.

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