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Please read before writing to the mailbag:

If you have a question, please read the two previous mailbags and use the site search (top of left menu bar) before asking. There is also a site FAQ and mailbag FAQ (below) to check for an answer.

Please do not write in to tell us that there is a new game or system coming out. Most likely, we will hear the news before reading your letter.

If you are reporting Mario sightings or cameos, please send them to

Please note that anything you write to the mailbag address might be posted on the site in the mailbag pages. However, we probably won't post every e-mail, and unused e-mails may or may not receive a personal reply. Also, don't be offended if we poke fun at you; it's nothing personal.

The mailbag e-mail address is Thanks for reading!


There's a secret page on the site?

Where's the secret page?
It's a secret; see if you can find it yourself.