CDs and Soundtracks
Mario Mania

An "*" (asterisk) means that the album contains other music in addition to Mario music. Dimmed entries in track lists denote tracks not related to Mario.

Date format is YYYY-MM-DD. All MP3 samples included within are 30 seconds long.

Common abbreviations:

  • OST - "Original Soundtrack" / "Original Sound Tracks". The music as heard in the game.
  • OSV - "Original Sound Version". See OST.
  • AST - "Arranged Soundtrack". Music from the game redone for different instruments or a different performance style.
  • GSM - "Game Sound Music". See OST/OSV.
  • GMS - "Game Music Soundtrack". See OST/OSV.
  • BGM - "Background music". (Seen in a lot of track names.)

Official albums

TitleCatalog #FormatRegion
3D Hot Rally: Famicom Grand Prix II32BTC-203 CDJapan
3D Hot Rally: Famicom Grand Prix II28BP-2049CassetteJapan
Ambassadors of Funk f/ M.C. Mario - Go Mario Go!ALCB-803CDJapan
Ambassadors of Funk f/ M.C. Mario - Super Mario Compact DiscoALCB-829CDJapan
Ambassadors of Funk f/ M.C. Mario - Super Mario Land [single]SMASH 23CDCDUK
Ambassadors of Funk f/ M.C. Mario - Super Mario Land [single]RTD 125.1183.3CDUK
Ambassadors of Funk f/ M.C. Mario - Super Mario Land [single]ALCB-744CDJapan
Da Banana Bunch *3591140CDEurope
Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers DX Orchestra Concert *N/ACDJapan
Diddy Kong Racing Soundtrack CD3009-1-1CDUSA
DK JamzN INT01CassetteUSA
Donkey Kong 64 Official SoundtrackCDUSA
Donkey Kong - Ashita ni Nattara...CODC-1849CDJapan
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest – The Original Donkey Kong Country 2 SoundtrackCassetteUSA
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest – The Original Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack7250-Winter95CDUSA
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Original SoundtrackCDUSA
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Original SoundtrackCassetteUSA
Donkey Kong Country Trilogy1470-Winter96 CDUSA
Donkey Kong Goes HomeKSS-5037VinylUSA
Donkey Kong Goes HomeKST-4037CassetteUSA
Donkey Kong Returns Original Sound TrackN/ACDJapan
Donkey Konga: The Hottest HitsN/ACDEurope
Famicom 20th Anniversary Arrange Sound Tracks *SCDC-00320CDJapan
Famicom 20th Anniversary Game Music DVD *SDDV-00017 DVDJapan
Famicom 20th Anniversary Original Sound Tracks Vol. 1 *SCDC-00317CDJapan
Famicom 20th Anniversary Original Sound Tracks Vol. 3 *SCDC-00319CDJapan
Famicom Graffiti Nintendo Cartridge Edition *CA-4473CDJapan
Famicom Graffiti Nintendo Disk Card Edition *CA-4474CDJapan
Famicom Music *28XA-69CDJapan
Famicom Music Vol. 2 *28XA-197CDJapan
Famicom Music: Best Selection *SRCL 2476CDJapan
Famicom Sound History Series: Mario the MusicSCDC-00360CDJapan
Fantasic World of Super Mario Bros. 3BY12-5031CDJapan
Fantasic World of Super Mario Bros. 3KHY-1036CassetteJapan
Game Boy Gallery MusicsTKCA-71254CDJapan
Game Boy Graffiti *COCA-6327CDJapan
Game Boy Music: GSM Nintendo 2 *PCCB-00023CDJapan
Game Music Concert The Best Selection *WPCL-560CDJapan
Game Music Graffiti *COCA-6969~70CDJapan
Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Donkey KongSDEX-0011CDJapan
Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Donkey Kong Jr.SDEX-0012CDJapan
Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Mario Bros./Super Mario USASDEX-0027CDJapan
Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Super Mario Bros.SDEX-0010CDJapan
Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Super Mario Bros. 3SDEX-0031CDJapan
Game Sound Museum: Famicom Edition: Wrecking CrewSDEX-0014CDJapan
Happy! Mario 20th ~ Super Mario Sound CollectionN/ACDJapan
It's A Me, Mario!: The Original Super Mario 64 SoundtrackArt.-Nr.: 94009CDEurope
Love, Peace & Happiness: The Original Yoshi's Story SoundtrackArt.-Nr.: 94033CDEurope
Mario & Luigi RPG Sound SelectionN/ACDJapan
Mario & Zelda Big Band Live CD *SCDC-00315CDJapan
Mario Basketball 3on3 Original SoundtrackSQEX-10079CDJapan
Mario Kart 64 Greatest Hits SoundtrackN/ACDUSA
Mario Kart 64 on Club CircuitTKCA-71301CDJapan
Mario Kart 64 Original SoundtrackPCCG-00419CDJapan
Mario Kart 64 Race TracksCassetteUSA
Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks2100-Fall97CDUSA
Mario Party 3 Original SoundtrackGACR-3004/5CDJapan
Mario Sports CD ~ Mario Tennis GC & Mario Golf Family Tour The BestN/ACDJapan
Mario Story Original SoundtrackFMCN-1002CDJapan
Mario Tennis 64 Original SoundtrackFMCN-1001CDJapan
Mario's Big Adventure ~Aya & Nakayoshi Pep Squad~7G0083VinylJapan
Mario's Big Adventure/GO GO Mario!!PR-93VinylJapan
memória! The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura *SQEX-10431CDJapan
Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack: Greatest Hits *N/ACassetteUSA
Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack: Greatest Hits *N/ACDUSA
Nintendo 64 Trilogy *2020-Fall97CDUSA
Nintendo All-Star! Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack *TECD-35446~7CDJapan
Nintendo Famicom Music *COCX-38295~6CDJapan
Nintendo Sound Adventures *N/ACDEurope
Nintendo Sound Selection [Ending & Staff Roll] *NTDT-17296~7CDJapan
Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 1: Peach - Healing Music *CN-P004CDJapan
Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 2: Koopa - Loud Music *CN-P018CDJapan
Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 3: Luigi - B-Side Music *CN-P020CDJapan
Nintendo Super Famicom Game Music *TOCT-6429CDJapan
Nintendo Super Famicom Game Music: Fun Together with Beyer *ACD-1143CDJapan
No Mercy / Super Mario Bros. *CDUSA
Omoikiri Naite Ii - Super Mario Club Ending Theme *WPDL-4330 CDJapan
Orchestra ni Yoru Game Music Concert 4 Live Best Collection *SRCL-2736CDJapan
Orchestra ni Yoru Game Music Concert 5 Live Best Collection *SRCL-2739CDJapan
Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CDN/ACDJapan
Play it Loud! Original Soundtrack Volume 1 *CassetteUSA
Play it Loud! Original Soundtrack Volume 1 *8440-Spring96CDUSA
Sound Mario Bros.25JAL-3054VinylJapan
Sound Mario Bros.25J-2054CassetteJapan
Super Donkey Kong Game Music CD: Jungle FantasyPCCG-00328 CDJapan
Super Famicom New Game Sound Museum Vol. 5 *TIM-SFC05CDJapan
Super Famicom New Game Sound Museum Vol. 9 *TIM-SFC09CDJapan
Super Famicom New Game Sound Museum Vol. 10 *TIM-SFC10CDJapan
Super Mario 3D World Original SoundtrackNTDT-17289~90CDJapan
Super Mario 64 + Wave Race 64: Original Cuts from the Hottest Nintendo 64 Games *1100-Winter96CDUSA
Super Mario 64 Original Sound TrackPCCG-00357CDJapan
Super Mario 64 Original Sound Track2090-Fall97CDUSA
Super Mario 64 Original Sound TrackCassetteUSA
Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3: Hop! Step! Jump!CA-3393CDJapan
Super Mario Bros. 3 -G.S.M. Nintendo 1-D25B-0005CDJapan
Super Mario Bros. 3 -G.S.M. Nintendo 1- PromoSSP-16VinylJapan
Super Mario Bros. 3 Akihabara Electric CircusCT32-5329CDJapan
Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Special Sound Track Press Start EditionN/ACDJapan
Super Mario Bros. Mario SyndromeK13A-748VinylJapan
Super Mario Bros. Mario SyndromeK13H-864CassetteJapan
Super Mario Bros. Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDUSA
Super Mario Bros. Original Soundtrack07FA-1072VinylJapan
Super Mario Bros. Original Soundtrack10FC-2046CassetteJapan
Super Mario Bros. SpecialMECG-28003CDJapan
Super Mario Bros.: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! Original Soundtrack50191-25CassetteJapan
Super Mario Bros.: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! Original Soundtrack30191-25VinylJapan
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Original Sound TrackN/ACDJapan
Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound TrackCN-P079CDJapan
Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track Platinum VersionN/ACDJapan
Super Mario History 1985-2010 Sound Track CDRVL-SVMJ-JPNCDJapan
Super Mario History 1985-2010 Soundtrack CDRVL-SVMP-AUSCDAustralia
Super Mario History 1985-2010 Soundtrack CDRVL-SVMP-EURCDEurope
Super Mario History 1985-2010 Soundtrack CDRVL-MACD-USACDUSA
Super Mario LandCA-3838CDJapan
Super Mario Love Theme ~ Almost UnrealCDJapan
Super Mario Odyssey Sound SelectionDigitalUSA
Super Mario Odyssey Sound SelectionDigitalJapan
Super Mario Original SoundtrackTOCT-7835CDJapan
Super Mario RPG Original Sound VersionPSCN-5047~8CDJapan
Super Mario Series for GuitarGTL01085441CDJapan
Super Mario Series for Ukulele - Super BestGTL01089943 CDJapan
Super Mario WorldWPCL-233~4CDJapan
Super Mario World Complete Music Collection: Fun Together with BeyerACD-1142CDJapan
Super Mario: Yoshi's Island Original Sound VersionPSCN-5040CDJapan
Super Smash Bros. Melee: Smashing...Live! *N/ACDUSA
Super Smash Bros. Melee: Smashing...Live! *N/ACDUK
Toy Music: Dancing Super Mario Brothers *CT32-5299CDJapan
White Knuckle Scorin' *MCAD-10440CDUSA
Yoshi's Story Game Soundtrack: Music to Pound the Ground ToN/ACDUSA
Yoshi's Story Original SoundtrackPCCG-00438CDJapan

Other releases

TitleCatalog #FormatRegion
#GameMusic Remix Album *DigitalUSA
$yrup & Hush - Smash Bros *21574DigitalUSA
/sing *Digital
1 Års Fritid *DigitalSweden
4" Stud *837101239936CDUSA
8 Bit Oblivion *DigitalUSA
8-Bit Democracy (Capitalist Edition) *Digital,CDSweden
8-Bit Democracy (Socialist Edition) *Digital
8-Bit Jesus *BITZ01CDUSA
8Bit Bullsh-tDigitalUSA
8bit Trance Dance *DigitalUSA
8X-Bit Nostalgia *DigitalUSA
16-Bit Summer! *DigitalUK
16X-Bit Nostalgia *DigitalUSA
32X-Bit Nostalgia *DigitalUSA
117% Complete *Digital
255 Battles with the Cursed Shield *DigitalCanada
0624 ~warubushi~ *CDJapan
2012 Showcase *DigitalUSA
96024 Wheel & Game *CDJapan
0499624 (Fluid & Game) *CDJapan
[SFC Compilation #1] in friend's house *CL-001 CDJapan
A Classic of Arcade Shooting *Digital
A-rip-ederci! *DigitalChile
A.I.R. - The Abstract Intellect Revolution *DigitalUSA
ABXY *DigitalChile
Acoustic In Australia *Digital
Acoustic VGM Vol 7 *DigitalUK
Acoustic VGM Volume 1 *DigitalUK
Acoustic VGM Volume 3 *DigitalUK
Acoustic VGM Volume 4 *DigitalUSA
Advent *DigitalUSA
Age of Mister Driver *DigitalPortugal
Ainaveltsac Medley *DigitalUSA
All Covers *DigitalUSA
All the Small Things *N/ADigitalUSA
Amalgorithm *N/ADigitalUSA
An Overclocked Christmas v. 2 *DigitalUSA
An Overclocked Christmas v. 4 *DigitalUSA
An Overclocked Christmas v. 5 *DigitalUSA
Ao Vivo Em Conserva *DigitalBrazil
Apex 2013: Straight to the Top *DigitalUSA
Apex 2014: A New Challenger *OCRA-0046DigitalUSA
Apex 2015: This Is the Moment *OCRA-0050DigitalUSA
Apex 2016: I Got Next *OCRA-0058DigitalUSA
Aquatic StickersDigitalUSA
Arcade Brigade *DigitalUSA
Armcannon 2: The Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor *CDUSA
Arrangement Extravaganza! vol. 1 *DigitalPoland
Atari Dumbledore *DigitalFinland
Avocado Overdose *DigitalChile
Back To Your Grave: The Final Chapter *DigitalUSA
Bad Dudes EP *DigitalUSA
BadAss: Boss Themes *OCRA-0030Digital
BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume II *OCRA-0043DigitalUSA
BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III *OCRA-0056DigitalUSA
Balance *DigitalUSA
Bass Clarinet Covers *DigitalAustralia
Bass of Duty / Cover Warfare *DigitalFrance
Battlecake EP *N/ADigitalUSA
Beat The Boss: Remixes *DigitalUSA
Best of Hyde209 Vol. 3 *DigitalSweden
Best of Hyde209 Vol. 4 *DigitalSweden
Best of Hyde209 Vol. 6 *DigitalSweden
Best of the Best, Volume I *SE-2054-2DigitalUSA
Best of the Best, Volume I *N/ACDUSA
Best of, 2011-2012 *DigitalUSA
Beware the Forest MushroomsDigitalCanada
Beware The Invasion *DigitalChile
Bez ''e'' *CDCroatia
BGO Volume 2 *DigitalIreland
BGO Volume 3 *DigitalIreland
BGO Volume 4 *DigitalIreland
BH *CDAustria
Bilboquet *DigitalFrance
Bilboquet 2013 *DigitalFrance
Bit by Bit *DigitalUSA
Bit Master Style: FC *MTSC-7CDJapan
Bitpop? *DigitalSweden
Bitpop? Vol. 2 *DigitalSweden
Black Ice *DigitalUSA
Blast From the Past *N/ADigital
Blow Me *DigitalUSA
BOCA 2009: Best of College A Cappella *CDUSA
Bomber Blue *RC003BCDUSA
Bomber Blue/Gallant Green *DigitalUSA
Boom *mega006DigitalUSA
brass 2: mouth *DigitalUSA
Brett Algera *DigitalUSA
Broken Notes Intermission: Volume One *Digital
Bruise Your Body Breaks Legend Series *Digital
Buck Fever *CDUSA
Buckner & Garcia - Do the Donkey Kong (Single)18-02867 VinylUSA
Buckner & Garcia - Pac-Man Fever *VinylUSA
Buckner & Garcia - Pac-Man Fever/Do the Donkey Kong (Single) *13-03865 VinylUSA
Burrito Sandwich *DigitalUSA
C Sides *DigitalUSA
Cacomistle vs. Wizwars: Round 2 *CVSW-02DigitalUSA
Candy Corn II: The Sequeling *OCRI-0011DigitalUSA
Candy Corn III: Direct to Video *OCRI-0013DigitalUSA
Cartridge Dust [Preview EP - 8/28/2011] *DigitalUSA
Casual Gamer *DigitalUSA
Catherine Dayton: Live Recordings *DigitalUSA
Channel 2 *DigitalUSA
Chaos Theatre *DigitalCanada
Cheat Codes *briandavis2CDUSA
Chemicaldyne *ZIO001 DigitalUSA
Chip CountryDigitalUSA
Chip Songbook Vol.2 *DigitalFrance
Chips and Rips *DigitalChile
Chiptendo *DigitalUSA
Choice Cuts *DigitalUSA
Chronology: VG Rock 2004 *mega013DigitalUSA
Classic Game Music! (2012) *DigitalUSA
Classic Gaming Remixes Volume 1 *DigitalUK
Classic Video Game Music *DigitalUSA
Club Game Music *OUS EP-01DigitalUSA
Club KongDigitalUSA
Co-Op Players *DigitalBrazil
Collectivisation *Digital
Concert RPG *CDCanada
Console Collective, Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
Console Collective, Vol. 3 *DigitalUSA
Console Collective, Vol. 4 *DigitalUSA
Console Collective, Vol. 5 *DigitalUSA
Console Collective, Vol. 6 *DigitalUSA
ConSoul *DigitalUSA
Copyright Infringement *DigitalUSA
Cover Songs *DigitalUSA
Covers and Singles *DigitalUSA
Covers From Game Themes *DigitalUSA
Covers vol. 1 (8-bit) *DigitalUSA
Covers vol. 2 (Ain't Bit) *DigitalUSA
Critical Hit: Volume One *MXJ4909CDUSA
Crocodile ChaosDigitalUSA
Cuestión De Vida O Muerte *Digital
Cursor Cursor II: The Revenge *DigitalUSA
D3 Covers Album vol. 2 *DigitalPanama
D3 Covers Album vol. 4 *DigitalPanama
D Tech *DigitalUSA
D Tech 2 *DigitalUSA
D Tech 3 *DigitalUSA
da advanTage 2004 tour cd *CDUSA
Dancing Pixels *DigitalRussia
Danse Macabre 2 *DigitalUSA
Danse Macabre 6 *DigitalUSA
Dark World *CDUSA
Delta Attack *MCRX004 CDJapan
Demos '09-'10-'11 *DigitalFrance
Demos Part. 2: '10-'11 *DigitalFrance
Depressed Nerd *DigitalUSA
Depressed Nerd 2.0 *DigitalUSA
Destruction Booklet *DigitalUSA
Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg CircuitDigitalUSA
Die Happy! *CDJapan
DJ Hara - Coverbreaks *HRBB-001VinylJapan
DKC Mix't Ape '94DigitalUSA
Doctor's Orders *Digital
Don't Worry, Princess! I'll Save You! *DigitalUSA
Donkey Kong CountryDigitalUSA
Donkey Kong CountryDigitalUSA
Donkey Kong Country 2DigitalUSA
Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey BusinessOCRA-0017DigitalUSA
Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!OCRA-0036DigitalUSA
Donkey Kong Country Remixes EPDigitalCanada
Donkey Kong Country: Dance Remix AlbumDigitalUSA
Down Right Heavy *DESC102CDUSA
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills For Pale People Disc Two *DigitalCanada
DREAMERS – A Tribute to Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu *DigitalMexico
Dubstep Country 2: Diddystep's DropDigitalUSA
Duologue *MAC1145CDUSA
Eight Bit Disaster *DigitalUSA
Electro Covers vol. 1 *DigitalPanama
Electroid: Rebuilt *CDUSA
Electronic Simplicity *DigitalNetherlands
En la Esquina *CDUSA
Ending Credits *DigitalUSA
endless wrecking echoapcd07CDJapan
Ensayo 2015 *DigitalChile
Esther's Dreams *OCRA-0059DigitalUSA
Everything You Know is Wrong *TPIH001CDUSA
Ewan Dobson III *DigitalUSA
F-Zero Swag vol. 1 *DigitalUK
FA Collection Vol.3 Remixes *DigitalSweden
Famicom Best Vol.4 -New Stage- *EZCD-0018CDJapan
Famicom CDDX *IO-0063 CDJapan
Famicom Memoria XXX *DigitalPortugal
Famicom Millenium Music Vol1 *OKMF-0001 CDJapan
Famicom Millenium Music vol 1 + α *OKMF-0001 CDJapan
Famicom Music Arrange *NKTK-0006 CDJapan
Feed. Play. Sleep. Repeat. *DigitalSweden
Final Boss *CDCanada
Final Round Instrumentals (Video Game Remixes) *DigitalUSA
Finally *DigitalUSA
Fireball! *DigitalUSA
First Course *DigitalUSA
FL Session E.P *DigitalFrance
Flames of Destiny *DigitalUSA
FlashBack *CDCanada
FMPSG 011 -kaleidoscope- *FPCR-011 CDJapan
FMPSG 012 -Burning Stone- *FPCR-012CDJapan
FMPSG 014 -Mystic Aurora- *FPCR-014CDJapan
Forbidden Gotta  *CDJapan
Fragile Online Best Album [Vol.2 RETRO-GAME] *FOCD-0013 CDJapan
FRIEND(s) *DigitalUSA
From 8 To Infinity *BC008Digital
From Seconds To Hours *DigitalGermany
Futebol Arte: World Cup Tribute EP *OCRI-0002DigitalUSA
Gallant Green *RC003GCDUSA
Gallery *DigitalCanada
Game Boy Memoria XXV *DigitalPortugal
Game Cues *OJSN-0001CDJapan
Game Face *Digital
Game Mix *SD-4139-PCD
Game Mix *SL-4139-P Cassette
Game Music Chronicle *CDJapan
Game Music Record Label *DigitalUSA
Game On *CDUSA
Game On Mini Mixtape *DigitalUSA
Game On! *88985351382CDUSA
Game Over *DigitalUSA
Game Series 001 *Digital
Game! Game! Game! *DigitalRussia
GAME!! *LRCD-008 CDJapan
GAME: Game & Anime Music Emotions *877569005377CDUSA
GameChops Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
GameChops Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
Gametunes *DigitalUSA
Gaming Hell *DigitalBrazil
gemcaverns *Digital
Genre Diversity Day *DigitalUSA
Geshi Matsuri *DigitalUSA
Ghost HouseDigitalUK
GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
Goombette *DigitalUSA
Green Mushrooms & Super Stars - Mario Dubstep AlbumDigitalUSA
Gromix #Horse-Serie *DigitalFrance
Gromix Collection #1 *DigitalFrance
Gromix Collection #3 *DigitalFrance
Gypsy Grass *CDUSA
halc's NOSTALGIA canon *DigitalUSA
Halloween 2008 *DigitalWales
Halloween Disc *DigitalUSA
Handful of Keys: Face-Melting Ragtime Played by Martin Spitznagel *BSW-2217CDUSA
Harmony of Heroes *DigitalUSA
Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash *DigitalUSA
Harp Fantasy *CDUSA
Heart of a Gamer: A Tribute to Satoru Iwata *OCRI-0008DigitalUSA
Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!DigitalUSA
Here We Go Saved the Princess E.P *DigitalFrance
Hex.a.decimal *DigitalUSA
HieroGraph Classics *HKMP-OTO17 CDJapan
High Score *DigitalRussia
Hyde209 Vol 5. *DigitalSweden
Hyde209 Vol 9. *DigitalSweden
I Am Error *DigitalUSA
I Blame Mario KartDigital
If Only it Were 8-bit *Digital
If You Don't Listen To My Music, I'll Kill This Dog *DigitalUSA
Infection #01 *DigitalChile
Infection #02 *DigitalChile
Infection #03 *DigitalChile
Infinite Lives *DigitalUSA
Instrumental Metal *DigitalUSA
Instrumental of Devastation *DigitalUSA
Invasion of the Depraved *DigitalUSA
iSWM Trackpack 1 *Digital
iSWM Trackpack 2 *Digital
iSWM Trackpack 3 *Digital
iSWM Trackpack 4 *Digital
iSWM Trackpack 5 *Digital
It's Time For Revenge... Let's Attack Aggressively *drwilyCDUSA
Jibaro Jazz *CDPuerto Rico
Journey Through the Jungle: Donkey Kong Country Remix AlbumDigitalUSA
Jugendmusik *DigitalItaly
Kagayake! Kono Kyoku nan Deshou Senshuken~ *CDJapan
Kagayake! Kono Kyoku nan Deshou Senshuken~ 2 *CDJapan
Kings of Koopa *DigitalMexico
Kong in ConcertOCRA-0002DigitalUSA
Konsplosion EP *DigitalUSA
Last But Not Least *PTE038DigitalUSA
Last Level *briandavis3CDUSA
Latyrolian Story *CDAustria
Layers *CDUSA
Legacy Redux *DigitalUSA
Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary *OCRA-0049DigitalUSA
Let’s Play – The Cover Collection Vol.2 *DigitalCanada
Let’s Play – The Cover Collection Vol.3 *DigitalCanada
Let’s Play – The Cover Collection Vol.4 *DigitalCanada
Let’s Play – The Cover Collection Vol.5 *DigitalCanada
Let’s Play – The Cover Collection Vol.6 *DigitalCanada
Levantando Polvo *Digital
Level Up! *CDUSA
Life from Robotopia (Official Bootleg) *CDUSA
Live at Columbia Theatre *DigitalCanada
Live at Iggy's *DigitalUSA
Live at Les Aunais 2010 *DigitalFrance
Live at Schuler *DigitalUSA
Live at The Stunfest 2011 *DigitalFrance
Live at the Stunfest 2013 *DigitalFrance
Live from the Lair *DigitalUSA
Load "Wicked_Wanda" *DigitalSpain
Lost Songs *DigitalUSA
Lost Woods *DigitalUSA
Lynn Lowry *Digital
MADE in Saitama *SSH-666CDJapan
Mankinds Arrogance *DigitalUSA
Marinara Mayhem *DigitalUSA
Mario 64 RemixDigitalUSA
Mario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds VOL 2.DigitalSweden
Mario EP *DigitalCanada
Mario Fantasy *DigitalUSA
Mario Kart Love SongSamHartDigitalUSA
Mario Kart: Bonus BeachDigitalUSA
Mario Sound TestDigitalUSA
Mario's Love SongDigitalUSA
Mechanical EP *DigitalUSA
Medley Mania Collection *DigitalUSA
Mega Master Entertainment System *DigitalUK
Melodies From Video Games Past *DigitalPortugal
Mental Hospital *DigitalUSA
Metal 1 *DigitalGreece
Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man *CDUSA
Metal Up Your NESS!!! *CDChile
Mi Negocio Al Millón *CDMexico
Mini Nes - Sold Out! *DigitalCanada
Mission Underground *DJAX-UP-CD8CDNetherlands
Mississippi State University Bands 2007-2008 *DigitalUSA
Mix Dat Mario v1DigitalUSA
Mix Dat Mario v2DigitalUSA
Mix Dat Mario v3DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Super Mario Bros. MedleyDigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 2 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 3 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 4 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 5 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 6 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 7 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 8 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 9 *DigitalUSA
Mochtroid127 - Volume 10 *DigitalUSA
More Than Mario *CDUSA
MrVoletron's Drunken Classic Game Remixes Vol 1 *DigitalCanada
Mushroom Nostalgia Mixtape *Digital
MUSIC SYSTEM 2 *DigitalMexico
Music System 2013 *DigitalMexico
MUSIC SYSTEM I *DigitalMexico
My Pet Unicorn *CDUSA
N64XX *DigitalPortgual
N64Y2K Millennium Trax *N/ACDEurope
Nerd Army *CDCanada
NES Classics Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
NES Cult Armageddon *DigitalChile
NES Tribute Album *DigitalUSA
Neskimo Battle - Perfect Selection *DigitalUSA
NESteryears *DigitalUSA
New Day Dawning *CDGermany
New Music for Concert Band Vol 27 - Advanced Edition *VinylUSA
Nice. *DigitalUSA
Nintendo Breakz Volume One *DigitalUSA
Nintendo Metal *CDUSA
Nintendo Rehab *DigitalUSA
Nintendo Vs Sega 2 *DigitalUK
Nintendo VS Sega EP *DigitalUK
Noentiendo *DigitalChile
Nostalgia Remade Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
Nostalgic Pleasure *DigitalUSA
Notendo (EP) *DigitalUSA
Now You're Playing With Powar 4: The Last Battle of Lagrange Point *AFX 76CDUSA
Now You're Playing With Powar 6: Elorgtussy's Favorite Hits *AFX 140CDUSA
Now You're Playing With Powar 9: Welcome to the Next Leval *AFX 200CDUSA
Now You're Playing With Powar II: Metal Storm *AFX 69 CDUSA
Now You're Playing With Powar III: The Famicom Wars *AFX 71CDUSA
Now You're Playing With Powar V: The Arc of Powar *AFX 120CDUSA
Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 Album *DigitalUSA
Of Dubsnestep EP *DigitalUSA
Of The Remixed *DigitalUSA
Omnitopia *CD
One Blue Pixel *DigitalUSA
Optimus Chad Sells Out *DigitalUSA
Opus Science Entertainment System *DigitalUK
Orchestrated Songs *DigitalUSA
Orchestrated Video Games Vol 1 *DigitalFrance
Orchestrated Video Games Vol 2 *DigitalFrance
Overworld Theme - Super Mario Bros. on PianoDigitalUSA
Overworld – The Best of Console Collective 1-5 *DigitalUSA
Pac Man Fever (1999) *CDUSA
Pandamonium *DigitalGermany
Paraphrase on Video Game Themes *DigitalUK
Party Planet / Lost *POKA-0001Digital
Pato_Max_Impros *DigitalChile
Pause? I'd Rather Play! *DigitalUSA
Pedro Guzmán - Alma de Niño *CD
Pink Sells... *DigitalUSA
Pixel Interaction Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
Pixel Perfect *DigitalUSA
Play for Japan: The Album *N/ADigitalUSA
Play it right *DigitalUSA
Playin' Cellos *DigitalUSA
Playing With Power *DigitalUSA
Plus Edition *Digital
PNTGLLRYNTWRK Presents: IBv2.5 *DigitalUSA
Popbuster *Digital
Portals *DigitalUSA
Power Play: N.E.S. Remix Album *DigitalUK
Power Up! *DigitalUSA
Practice Makes Chaos *DigitalCanada
Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies *SMRC-1006DigitalUSA
Press Start *DigitalUSA
Press Start! *DigitalUSA
Pretty Triange and Square Designs (WIP UNMASTERED CUT) *DigitalUSA
Project M OST *DigitalUSA
Project Majestic Mix: SQUAREDANCE (Limited Edition) *KFSS-704 CDUSA
Project Majestic Mix: The Trance Album *KFSS-708 CDUSA
Project Nightmare 2.0 *DigitalUSA
Project Nightmare 2.0 TURBO: Mario VersionDigitalUSA
Project Nightmare 2.5 The Lost Levels *DigitalUSA
Project Nightmare: Lost Levels II *DigitalUSA
Psycho Kong *DJAX-UP-200VinylNetherlands
R3BORN *DigitalChile
R. Cade and the Video Victims - Get Victimized *PNU 5090VinylUSA
Rad Dude *CDUSA
Rainbow Road AdventuresDigitalPortugal
Rainbow Road/ The Great Ocean (Covers) [Single] *DigitalUSA
Random Gamer Memories *DigitalFrance
random stuffs *Digital
Rare Gorilla (レアゴリラ ~怒りのレア社アレンジCD) *SBFR-0021 CDJapan
Remember *DigitalSweden
Remember 2 Salute Your Shorts *DigitalUSA
ReMixes *DigitalUSA
Replay Value (Remix, Remake, Replay) *DigitalUSA
Retro Game Remix Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
Retro Game Remix Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
Retro Game Remix Vol. 2.5 *DigitalUSA
Retro Game Remix Vol. 3 *DigitalUSA
Retro Remix Revue - Volume 1 *CDUSA
Retro Remix Revue - Volume 2 *CDUSA
Retro Remixes *Digital
Retrogression: Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
Retropander *DigitalUSA
Revenge Of The Fight Club *DigitalUSA
Reveries *chelseachen1CDUSA
Rhythm RacewayDigitalUSA
Ricochet  *CDUK
Robots *DigitalUSA
Rocco and the Stompers *CDUSA
Rock n' Roll Cereal *DigitalUSA
Rockestral Game Music *CDUSA
Roxette - Almost Unreal *CD
Royal Corneria Airforce 2 *DigitalMexico
Rytmik Retrobits - Originals and Remakes *DigitalUSA
Sample Based *DigitalUSA
Scarrangements Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
Season 6 *DigitalUK
Secret Musician Project – Volume 1 *DigitalCanada
Secret Musician Project – Volume 2 *DigitalCanada
SEGA Genesis Does: Super Mario Bros. 3DigitalUSA
Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute to Jellyfish - A Tribute to Spilt Milk *CDUSA
Sex, Drugs n' Nintendo *DigitalSweden
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 1 *DigitalPortugal
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 2 *DigitalPortugal
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 3 *DigitalPortugal
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 5 *DigitalPortugal
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 6 *DigitalPortugal
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 9 *DigitalPortugal
Shiryu's Arcade Volume 10 *DigitalPortugal
SHOWCASE 2013 *DigitalUSA
Sid's VG Remixes *DigitalNorway
Singles *DigitalUSA
SITAcon 2008 (Kareshi Radio Live Rehearsal) *DigitalUSA
sixths on a bed of rusty strings *DigitalUSA
SM64: The Soundtrack *DigitalUSA
Smash the Record: The Record *OCRA-0064DigitalUSA
SMW (XOC Plays SMW)DigitalUSA
SMW Goldinum EditionDigitalUSA
SNES Classics Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
SNES Generation *DigitalUK
SNES XX *DigitalPortugal
Sno-Stalgia *LOUDR-1741DigitalUSA
Snowflakes: Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
So Raise Your Plastic Cup *DigitalCanada
Songs From a Nightmare *DigitalUSA
Sophomore Year *OCRI-0012DigitalUSA
Soundcloud Collection *DigitalAustria
Sounds of the Subatomic World *CDUSA
Space Pirate Collection II *ADR-004DigitalJapan
Speed Runs *DigitalUSA
Speed Runs 2: Cruise Control *DigitalUSA
SpinTunes #2: Round 4 *DigitalUSA
Spring 2012 Zebras Video Game Music *DigitalUSA
Stage 1 *DigitalUSA
Stage One *DigitalSweden
Star Road: Super Mario ReimaginedDigitalUSA
Stay Awhile and Listen *DigitalUSA
Strategy Guide *CDUSA
Stritch's Brew *DigitalUSA
Stuff V5 - September 2011 *Digital
Stupid IdiotDigitalUSA
Super Broken MarioDigitalUSA
Super Cartography Bros.OCRA-0055DigitalUSA
Super Crossbridge *MLSO-0007CDJapan
Super Guitar Bros *DigitalUSA
Super MarioDigitalItaly
Super Mario 64: Portrait of a PlumberOCRA-0048DigitalUSA
Super Mario aRPeGgiatorDigitalUSA
Super Mario Bros. 3 Piano ProjectDigitalUSA
Super Mario Bros. Medley - SingleDigitalUSA
Super Mario Bros. RevisitedDigitalUSA
Super Mario Bros. Super ShowDigitalUSA
Super Mario Bros.: The 30thDigitalPortugal
Super Mario Kart AlbumOUS-008CDUSA
Super Mario Land 2: Tremendous AchievementDigitalUSA
Super Mario RPG: Window to the StarsOCRA-0061DigitalUSA
Super Mario Soundtracks - Pixelizer REMIXDigitalFrance
Super Mario Theme Song (Cello Remix)DigitalUSA
Super Mario World [EP]DigitalUSA
Super Mario World Overworld ThemeDigitalUSA
Super Mario World REMIXEDDigitalUSA
Super Psyguy Bros. *DigitalUSA
Super Psyguy Bros. 2 *DigitalUSA
Super Psyguy Bros. 3 *DigitalUSA
Super Recital Bros. *DigitalUSA
Super REMIXES *DigitalUK
Super Smash Basics *DigitalPortgual
Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 1 *DigitalUSA
Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 2 *DigitalUSA
Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 3 *DigitalUSA
Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 4 *DigitalUSA
Super Smash Land Hidden Tracks *DigitalUSA
Super Smash Land OST *DigitalUSA
Super Soul Bros. Live at San Pedro Square *DigitalUSA
Super Soul Bros. Live at the Poor House *DigitalUSA
Super VG Christmas Party *DigitalUSA
Superforce *DigitalBrazil
Supermariountwirled Epmtk.mp3.026Digital
Symphonic Apocalypse *DigitalChile
Tangled Memories *DigitalUSA
Taste My Power *DigitalChile
Tetris Dubstep *LADAL12084DigitalUSA
The 8-Bit Menace to Suburbia *DigitalUSA
The Advantage *ger028CDUSA
The Beautiful Mess - Session One *DigitalUSA
The Birthday Bash EP: DOUBLE TWO  *DigitalUSA
The Boss Battle Album *DigitalUSA
The Briggs Effect 2 *DigitalUSA
The Briggs Effect 3 *DigitalUSA
The Day's In 2010 *Digital
The Duncans Demo *DigitalCanada
The Edo Sessions *CDUSA
The Faraway Overworld *DigitalUSA
The Fifth Planet *DigitalMexico
The Game *Digital
The Greatest Video Game Music *X5CD114 CDUSA
The Greatest Video Game Music 2 *X5CD118CDUSA
The High Score Mixtape *Digital
The Lexingport Project *MTQ9861CDUSA
The Lost Tracks *DigitalUSA
The Mushroom Singdom Vol. 0-3 *DigitalUSA
The Mushroom Variety Show *DigitalSweden
The Mustin Collection *EP-00DigitalUSA
The Mystical Age of Snes *DigitalChile
The OneUps Volume 1 *OUS-004CDUSA
The OneUps Volume 2 *OUS-005CDUSA
The Power-Ups II: The Album *DigitalUSA
The Pretension Index [Vol.4] - The Air Up There *DigitalUSA
The Pretension Index [Vol​.​2] - Moist *DigitalUSA
The Pretension Index [Vol​.​3] - Welcome To Erf *DigitalUSA
The Shadows' Wishes *DigitalFrance
The Song Remains the Game *Digital
The Spoony Bards *DigitalUSA
The Stupid Idiot Bros Stupid ShowDigitalUSA
The Underground *DigitalCanada
the.second.year *DigitalMexico
Third World War *DigitalUSA
This Music Is Free! *DigitalUSA
This Place Is Haunted *TPIH004CDUSA
Three Lives Left *DigitalChile
Threefifty Duo *CDUSA
Throwback Nerdsday *DigitalUSA
Toad's Turnpike/ Twilight Town (Deluxe Package) *DigitalUSA
Touhou Manga Matsuri Onban Bunbunmaru II *TAM3-0009CDJapan
Toutes les musiques de l'émission Micro Kid's *WM334-162003CDFrance
Transfiguration *JOY-744DigitalUSA
Transfiguration *ME-005CDUSA
TRAPped Inside The System: Original Version *DigitalUSA
TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX *DigitalUSA
TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 2 *DigitalUSA
Trashcan Americana *CDUSA
Treetop TunesDigital
Tribute Album 64 *DigitalUSA
Try Blowing on the Cartridge *DigitalCanada
Ulu - Live at Wetlands-Preserve NYC *CDUSA
V.G. Unplugged *PRT 015DigitalUSA
Versus Video Games *CDUSA
Versus Video Games 2 *DigitalUSA
Versus Video Games 3 *DigitalUSA
VG Covers Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
VG Covers Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
VG Metal Covers Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
VG Metal Covers Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
VG Metal Covers Vol. 3 *DigitalUSA
VG Soundtrack Legacy *DigitalFrance
VGM Acapella *JOY-694DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 2 *JOY-924DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 3 *LOUDR-1213DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 4 *LOUDR-1878DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 5 *LOUDR-3314DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 6 *DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 7 *DigitalUSA
VGM Acapella: Volume 8 *DigitalUSA
VGM Acoustic Collections 1 *DigitalUK
VGM Acoustic Collections 2 *DigitalUK
VGM Guitar Covers *DigitalUSA
VGM Medleys Vol.1 - Ultimate Nintendo Medley *DigitalUSA
VGM Medleys Vol.2 - Epic RPG Medley *DigitalUSA
VGM NXC 001 *DigitalUSA
VGM Opus 1 *DigitalUSA
VGM Opus 2 *DigitalUSA
VGM Remixes *DigitalUSA
VGMCAST Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
VGMCAST Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
VGMCAST Vol. 5 *DigitalUSA
VGSArena 2014 *DigitalChile
Viajando: Choro E Jazz *CDUSA
Video Game Covers / Press Start *DigitalUSA
Video Game Covers [2010 Mix] *DigitalUSA
Video Game Guitar Collection Vol. 3 *DigitalUSA,Brazil
Video Game Guitar Collection, Vol. 1 *DigitalUSA
Video Game Guitar Collection, Vol. 2 *DigitalUSA
Video Game Music Covers 2010 (Remastered) *DigitalSweden
Video Game Piano Album Thing *DigitalUSA
Video Game Remixes *DigitalUSA
Video Game Variations *DigitalUSA
Video Game Variations 2 *DigitalUSA
Video Games Live: Level 2 *SF 12324 CDUSA
Video Games Live: Level 4 *DigitalUSA
Video Games Piano Tribute *DigitalUSA
Video Games Techno Versions *CD 831CDItaly
VideoGameMusicK *DigitalItaly
Volume III *DigitalUSA
Waikiki Groove Theory *CDUSA
We Are Cohones *Digital
We Bros. eXtend *SBFR-0041 CDJapan
We Bros. X *SBFR-0027~8 CDJapan
When Ninja Monkeys Attack *CDUSA
Who's the Boss (Battles) *DigitalUSA
Wii Sing *DigitalUSA
World 1-1 *DigitalChile
World 1-2 *JOY-742CDUSA
xoc presents NESTER BABIES!!!! *DigitalUSA
Year of the YoshiDigitalUSA
Yoshi's Island - The SoundtrackDigitalUSA
You Have Chosen Poorly EP *TPIH005CDUSA
You're a Great Zombie *DigitalUSA
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