The Mustin Collection
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Publisher: OneUp Studios
Catalog #: EP-00
Region: USA
Artist: Mustin
Arranged by: Mustin
Performed by: Mustin
Format: Digital


Track list

01)Mega Man 3 - Blue Bomber Forever
02)Final Fantasy VI - The Atomizer
03)Gauntlet - GAUNTLET!! (with Nate Cloud)
04)Super Mario 64 - Haunted Hell (IncuCujoKondoD.Bros Mix)
05)Mega Man 3 - Needles (with Nykad, Dale North and Nate Cloud)
06)Chrono Trigger - Team Gato (with Dale North)
07)Super Mario Bros. 3 - La Samba De Agua
08)Secret of Mana - Cry From the Forest (with Kassie!)
09)Metroid II: Return of Samus - Metroid Sonata - Movement II (with mellodgear)
10)M.C. Kids - po! kidz
11)The Legend of Zelda - The Legend of Zelda 2002 (as OneUp Studios)
12)Mega Man 3 - ProtoVaffe
13)Sim City - String City
14)M&M Mini's Madness - virt's Madness
15)Super Mario World - Super Mario's Sleigh Ride (as The OneUps)
16)Secret of Mana - Secret of Spram (8 Bells Mix) feat. Kassie! & JaXX
17)Bubble Bobble - Bubble's Decision (as OneUp Studios)
18)Final Fantasy IV - Uematsu-san Just Wanna Have Fun (with Ailsean)
19)Legend of Zelda - No Way Out
20)Mega Man 3 - Spark It (with Joshua Morse)
21)Super Mario Kart - Racing Rainbow Road feat. William Reyes
22)Mega Man 8 - Search Me feat. Anthony Lofton
23)Super Mario Bros. - Happy Birfday DCT (with Joe_Cam)
24)EarthBound - Flying Man
25)Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Lest Ye Be Judged
26)Final Fantasy VI - OUSWTFBBQ5 (as Crazy Crakaz)