Super Mario 64 Original Sound Track
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Publisher: Nintendo
Catalog #: 2090-Fall97
Release date: 1996-11-01
Region: USA
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 51:15

Super Mario 64 Original Sound Track


Track list

01)It's a me, Mario!0:04
02)Title Theme3:31
03)Peach's Message0:08
05)Super Mario 64 Main Theme2:22
07)Inside the Castle Walls2:00
08)Looping Steps0:27
09)Dire, Dire Docks3:06
10)Lethal Lava Land2:43
11)Snow Mountain2:58
12)Haunted House3:06
14)Cave Dungeon3:45
15)Piranha Plant's Lullaby2:19
16)Powerful Mario0:54
17)Metallic Mario0:54
18)File Select0:44
19)Correct Solution0:05
20)Toad's Message0:05
21)Power Star0:08
22)Race fanfare0:05
23)Star Catch Fanfare0:05
24)Game Start0:04
25)Course Clear0:06
26)Game Over0:17
27)Stage Boss1:21
28)Koopa's Message0:05
29)Koopa's Road2:11
30)Koopa's Theme2:29
31)Koopa Clear0:05
32)Ultimate Koopa2:51
33)Ultimate Koopa Clear0:28
34)Ending Demo1:16
35)Staff Roll3:27
36)Piranha Plant's Lullaby-Piano2:23