Dancing Pixels
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Release date: 2012-11-14
Region: Russia
Artist: 2DVision
Arranged by: 2DVision
Performed by: 2DVision
Format: Digital
Total length: 29:11:00
Website: vk.com/vision2d, vk.com/vision2d?w=wall-44230052_2

Dancing Pixels


Track list

1)Robocop 3 (electro romance)Robocop 33:36
2)Dr.Mario (weird chill)Dr. Mario3:47
3)Duck Tales 2 (abstract enemy)Duck Tales 24:16
4)Prince of Persia (robots attack)Prince of Persia3:53
5)Ninja Gaiden (hard and scary)Ninja Gaiden5:07
6)Jurassic Park (cosmic dance)Jurassic Park4:57
7)9999 in 1 (slow space) [Bonus]3:35