Diddy Kong Racing Soundtrack CD
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Publisher: Nintendo of America
Catalog #: 3009-1-1
Release date: 1997
Region: USA
Composed by: David Wise
Format: CD
Discs: 1

Diddy Kong Racing Soundtrack CD


Track list

01)Diddy Kong Racing Theme1:11
02)Ancient Lake2:30
03)Fossil Canyon2:45
04)Jungle Falls2:20
05)Hot Top Volcano3:12
06)Everfrost Peak3:16
07)Walrus Cove2:52
08)Boss Challenge 22:35
09)Pirate Lagoon2:35
10)Boulder Canyon1:57
11)Space Port Alpha2:32
12)Star City3:24
13)Wizpig Challenge2:28
15)Think You've Won?1:39
16)The Secret Tune2:13