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Release date: 2016-03-03
Region: USA
Artist: Andre Beller
Arranged by: Andre Beller
Performed by: Andre Beller
Format: Digital
Total length: 37:14:00


Track list

1)Metroid Symphony (Metroid, Super Metroid)Metroid
Super Metroid
2)Home Sweet Home (Final Fantasy V)Final Fantasy V2:39
3)Handel Sarabande4:05
4)Bach French Suite 2 Menuet1:37
5)Missouri Took My Love Away2:31
6)The Day After for 3 cellos (Final Fantasy 6)Final Fantasy VI1:19
7)Slam Shuffle (Final Fantasy 6)Final Fantasy VI2:10
8)Mario Underwater for 3 cellos (Super Mario Bros.)Super Mario Bros.0:41
9)Gravity Beetle (Mega Man X3)Mega Man X32:33
10)When Will My Life Begin (Disney's Tangled)2:36
11)Terra (Final Fantasy 6)Final Fantasy VI3:40
12)Shadow Man on the Porch (Mega Man 3)Mega Man 32:12
13)Choujin Sentai Jetman Track 42:07
14)Wario's Woods (Instrumental)Wario's Woods1:23
15)Wario's Woods (Rose)Wario's Woods1:23