Now You're Playing With Powar 9: Welcome to the Next Leval
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Publisher: Temp Sound Solutions
Catalog #: AFX 200
Release date: 2010-01-01
Region: USA
Artist: Temp Sound Solutions
Arranged by: Temp Sound Solutions
Performed by: Temp Sound Solutions
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 61:45:00

Now You're Playing With Powar 9: Welcome to the Next Leval


Track list

1)Phantasy Star 3 OpeningPhantasy Star 32:51
2)WWWWrasslemania (Make You Humble)2:37
3)Block OutBlock Out3:00
4)Mariopaint - Wiii plazaMario Paint
Mii Channel
5)Snow Bros Stage 1-1Snow Bros.2:01
6)Ecco the Dolphin Island ZoneEcco the Dolphin3:47
7)Sonic Labrynth ZoneSonic the Hedgehog2:27
9)Addams Family Values Dangerous TerrainAddams Family Values4:10
12)Nintendo WiFi ChannelMario Kart DS2:42
13)Area 88 The CaveArea 883:26
14)Area 88 Carrier-ForestArea 882:55
15)Super Fantasy ZoneSuper Fantasy Zone2:51
16)Phantasy Star 2 Mystery and ViolationPhantasy Star 23:16
17)Phantasy Star 4 Terrible SightPhantasy Star 43:05
18)SMB3Super Mario Bros. 34:58
19)Phantasy Star 3 StaffPhantasy Star 33:21
20)(Hidden Track: Journey to Silius)Journey to Silius1:30