Now You're Playing With Powar II: Metal Storm
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Publisher: Temp Sound Solutions
Catalog #: AFX 69
Release date: 2003-??-??
Region: USA
Artist: Temp Sound Solutions
Arranged by: Temp Sound Solutions
Performed by: Temp Sound Solutions
Format: CD
Total length: 67:11:00

Now You're Playing With Powar II: Metal Storm


Track list

1)KageThe Legend of Kage2:27
3)Kid IcarusKid Icarus1:12
5)Metroid CodesMetroid0:29
6)Double Dragon 2Double Dragon II2:52
7)Battletoads 'n' Double DragonBattletoads & Double Dragon2:06
8)Super Mario Bros 2Super Mario Bros. 21:16
9)Ghost Train2:28
10)Dark Lord (reprise)3:21
11)Hudsons Advanture IslandAdventure Island1:47
12)Super Mario Bros 3Super Mario Bros. 31:19
13)Legacy of the wizardLegacy of the Wizard2:40
14)Mach RiderMach Rider2:38
15)Metroid (Generic Mix)Metroid0:38
16)Ninja Gaiden AgainNinja Gaiden2:39
18)Ninja Gaiden InterludeNinja Gaiden0:06
19)Double Dragon 3Double Dragon 32:26
20)Blaster MasterBlaster Master2:30
21)Rush 'n' AttackRush 'n Attack2:52
23)Ninja Gaiden Interlude 2Ninja Gaiden0:06
24)Section ZSection Z2:10
25)Ninja Gaiden 2Ninja Gaiden 20:38
26)Megaman 2 Stage SelectMega Man 22:22
27)Tetris Song bTetris1:38
28)Final FantasyFinal Fantasy2:43
29)Transformers Convoy Puzzle1:44
32)Goonies (Are Good Enuff)Goonies3:37
33)Ys 3 Wanderers from YsYs 35:02
34)3 LivesDefender1:02
35)RC Pro AMRC Pro AM0:30