An Overclocked Christmas v. 2
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Release date: 2008-12-24
Region: USA
Arranged by: PrototypeRaptor, The Coop, BigMowthP, Tweek, jmr, Skrypnyk, Xenon Odyssey
Performed by: Max Swan, Paul Rogers, Greg Martin, Matt Fischer, Ryan Khuns
Format: Digital
Total length: 27:19

An Overclocked Christmas v. 2


Track list

1)ChimesCarol of the Bells4:05
2)A Few More Miles To GoArcus Odyssey2:47
3)God Rest Ye Soulful GentlemenGod Rest You Merry, Gentlemen2:47
4)Christmas Time is HereA Charlie Brown Christmas3:55
5)Holiday FrappeMario Kart 644:08
6)Snowbound LandDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest3:03
7)Oy to the Internet2:25
9)White Stockings (Greensleeves Re-harmonization)2:00