Love, Peace & Happiness: The Original Yoshi's Story Soundtrack
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Publisher: Nintendo of Europe
Catalog #: Art.-Nr.: 94033
Release date: 1998-??-??
Region: Europe
Composed by: Kazumi Totaka
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 42:02

Love, Peace & Happiness: The Original Yoshi's Story Soundtrack


Oddly enough, this Yoshi's Story soundtrack is missing tracks 11, 13, 14 and 15 from the American soundtrack. The tracks on this European release are in the same order as the Japanese OST, except missing tracks 23-30, 33-38, 41-45, and 48-50.

Track list

01)We Love...0:04
02)Yoshi's Story1:15
03)Yoshi's Song2:50
04)On the Beach2:53
05)Curry in a Hurry3:25
07)Love is in the Air2:14
08)Tall Tower2:07
09)Alpina Blue2:24
10)Come Back to Me3:24
11)Jungle Fever2:15
12)Yoshis in the Wind2:08
13)Games of Happiness2:05
14)Tough Guys Don't Cry0:53
15)Spider Swing0:42
16)Yoshi's Story Interlude0:06
17)The Story Begins0:27
18)Heartbeat Caverns0:31
19)The Summit0:32
20)Alone in the Jungle0:39
21)Mermaid's Tears0:46
22)Grande Finale0:32
23)Baby Bowser's Lullaby2:37
24)The Riddle1:21
25)Let's Try It0:43
26)Hard Times0:41
27)Happy Together1:03
28)Options of Love0:37