From 8 To Infinity
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Catalog #: BC008
Release date: 2010-10-21
Artist: Zubareus
Arranged by: Zubareus
Performed by: Zubareus
Format: Digital

From 8 To Infinity


Track list

01)Contra ForceContra Force3:01
02)Alien 3 LevelAlien 35:05
03)Silver SurferSilver Surver3:33
04)TMNT 3Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhatten Project2:56
05)Dr. MarioDr. Mario4:15
06)Batman: Return Of The JokerBatman: Return of the Joker4:21
07)Alien 3 IntroAlien 34:38
08)Journey To SiliusJourney To Silius4:13
09)Robocop 3Robocop 35:36
10)Final MissionFinal Mission4:50