Famicom Graffiti Nintendo Cartridge Edition
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Publisher: Nippon Columbia
Catalog #: CA-4473
Release date: 1990-01-01
Region: Japan
Composed by: Hirokazu Tanaka, Koji Kondo, Yukio Kaneoka, Akito Nakatsuka
Arranged by: S-TRAD
Performed by: Mario Freaks Orchestra
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 35:35

Famicom Graffiti Nintendo Cartridge Edition


A collection of arranged music from NES games. All nine tracks later reappeared on Game Music Graffiti.

Track list

01)Medley I (Donkey Kong ~ Donkey Kong Jr. ~ Donkey Kong 3)Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 34:53
02)Medley II (Wild Gunman ~ Duck Hunt ~ Hogan's Alley)Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley
03)Medley III (Mario Bros. ~ Super Mario Bros. ~ Super Mario Bros. 3)Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 35:10
04)Medley IV (Devil World ~ Urban Champion ~ Clu Clu Land ~ Ice Climber)Devil World, Urban Champion, Clu Clu Land, Ice Climber
05)Balloon FightBalloon Fight
06)Wrecking CrewWrecking Crew3:29
09)Famicom WarsFamicom Wars