Toy Music: Dancing Super Mario Brothers
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Publisher: Toshiba EMI
Catalog #: CT32-5299
Release date: 1988-09-15
Region: Japan
Composed by: Koji Kondo, et al.
Arranged by: Akihabara Electric Circus (Hideki Matsutake, Jun Irie, Takashi Matsumoto)
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 40:37

Toy Music: Dancing Super Mario Brothers


A compilation of music from the Famicom Disk System, including a couple of Mario songs. Track 4 is a shortened version of track 10 from the Akihabara Electric Circus Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack. The last track, "Super Mario Bros. (Carribean Version)," is a rather odd remix of the Mario theme, complete with ocean sounds in the background.

Tracks 2 - 10 are arranged.

Track list

01)Famicom Disk System Theme0:09
02)Nazo no Murasame JouNazo no Murasame Jou4:41
03)Famicom Detective Club: Kieta KoukeishaFamicom Detective Club~ Kieta Koukeisha~3:46
04)Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros.4:42
05)Kid IcarusKid Icarus5:25
06)New Ogre IslandNew Ogre Island6:44
07)Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race ~Hot RallyFamicom Grand Prix: F1 Race ~Hot Rally3:28
09)Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda5:48
10)Super Mario Bros. (Carribean Version)1:02