Super Mario Bros. 3 Akihabara Electric Circus
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Publisher: Toshiba EMI
Catalog #: CT32-5329
Release date: 1988-12-15
Region: Japan
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Arranged by: Akihabara Electric Circus (Hideki Matsutake, Jun Irie, Takashi Matsumoto)
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Total length: 40:31

Super Mario Bros. 3 Akihabara Electric Circus


The Akihabara Electric Circus brings us ten Super Mario Bros. 3 arrangements with a few sound effects from the game mixed in here and there. In track 10, the lyrics "Super... Mario... Brothers!" repeat every once in a while during the last five minutes of the track.

Track 9 is titled "The Lap" on the back cover, but since the track begins with evil laughter, we're guessing it's a bad translation of "The Laugh."

Track list

01)Maze 13:39
03)Maze 23:29
04)Waterfront [MP3 sample]3:26
07)Athletic [MP3 sample]4:14
08)The Lap4:43
09)Thank You Mario3:31
10)Super Mario Brothers 36:37