D3 Covers Album vol. 4
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Release date: 2018-03-25
Region: Panama
Artist: Dinnick the 3rd (Alessandro Salerno)
Arranged by: Dinnick the 3rd (Alessandro Salerno)
Performed by: Dinnick the 3rd (Alessandro Salerno)
Format: Digital
Total length: 32:29:00
Website: d3-music.bandcamp.com

D3 Covers Album vol. 4


Track list

1)Die Anywhere Else - Night in the Woods [Feat. Galeborne]2:43
2)An Empty Tome - Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia2:16
3)Rith Essa - Jet Force GeminiJet Force Gemini3:45
4)Haunted Woods - Diddy Kong RacingDiddy Kong Racing2:32
5)His World - Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) [Feat. Galeborne]Sonic the Hedgehog5:34
6)The Moon - DucktalesDucktales2:26
7)Devil's Call in your Heart - F-Zero XF-Zero X2:10
8)Factory Inspection - Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsKirby 64: The Crystal Shards3:06
9)Green Grass Gradation - Mega Man ZXMega Man ZX2:39
10)Days of Typhoon - Medarot Navi2:02
11)Chinese Ninja Warrior - Mortal Kombat: The Album [Feat. Galeborne]3:17