Danse Macabre 2
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Release date: 2013-10-29
Region: USA
Artist: Viking Guitar
Arranged by: Viking Guitar
Performed by: Viking Guitar
Format: Digital
Total length: 67:11
Website: vikingguitar.bandcamp.com

Danse Macabre 2


Track list

1)Ghost of John (Traditional)0:53
2)She's So Drunk! (Shaun of the Dead)2:47
3)Cantos Profanae (Troll)3:03
4)Formaldehyde Face (They Live)5:57
5)Cry Little Sister (The Lost Boys)3:32
6)Vacancy (Psycho)5:36
7)Turn Around Immediately (Silent Hill)2:17
8)Last Request (The Fly)7:21
9)Ready for Prime Time, Bitch (Nightmare on Elm Street)8:00
10)A.T.M.I.M.L.K.G.K.B.C.D. (Evil Dead: The Musical)3:22
11)Hello, Boys and Ghouls! (Tales from the Crypt)5:06
12)The Courtyard (Luigi's Mansion)Luigi's Mansion4:45
13)Dracula (Iced Earth and Castlevania: SotN)7:49
14)Redemption (The Walking Dead: The Game)4:27
15)The Haunting of Donut Plains (Super Mario World)Super Mario World2:16