Dubstep Country 2: Diddystep's Drop
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Release date: 2012-08-19
Region: USA
Artist: ZMiX
Arranged by: ZMiX
Performed by: ZMiX
Format: Digital
Website: zmix.bandcamp.com

Dubstep Country 2: Diddystep's Drop


Track list

01)K. Rool Returns (Title Theme) [Dubstep Remix]3:15
02)Welcome To Crocodile Isle [Dubstep Remix]2:57
03)Lockjaw's Saga [Dubstep/Electro Remix]3:14
04)Jib Jig [Dubstep Remix]4:09
05)Swanky Swing [100bpm Bass Remix]4:04
06)Bayou Boogie [Dubstep Remix]4:33
07)Forest Interlude [Chill Dubstep Remix]4:50
08)Funky The Main Monkey [Dubstep Remix]3:50
09)Flight Of The Zinger [Drumstep Remix]3:42
10)Stickerbrush Symphony [Dubstep Remix]4:38