Down Right Heavy
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Publisher: Descendants of Erdrick
Catalog #: DESC102
Release date: 2010-07-09
Region: USA
Artist: Descendants of Edrick
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Arranged by: Descendants of Edrick
Performed by: Descendants of Edrick
Format: CD
Discs: 1

Down Right Heavy


Electric guitar and flute pair up to lead the way through this medley of Super Mario Bros. music, accompanied by bass, drums, and cello. The Aboveground, Underground, and Castle themes are all represented, along with flagpole and victory music.

Track list

01)Wood & Water Rage (T&C Surf Designs)1:05
02)Start, Select, Shadow Man. . . Death (Mega Man III)4:45
03)The Dream Master's Nightmare (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)3:20
04)Street Fighter U.S.A. (Street Fighter II)3:26
05)Our Princess Is In Another Castle (Super Mario Bros.) [MP3 sample]3:44
06)A Story Of True Victory (Punch-Out)3:09
07)Dave's Theme (Maniac Mansion)2:01
08)What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse (Part I) (Castlevania)3:43
09)A Slime Draws Nearer (Dragon Warrior)4:06
10)Battle With The Minotaur (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)4:19